ALADDIN Actress Calls Her Christian Faith “The Foundation” for Her Decisions

ALADDIN Actress Calls Her Christian Faith “The Foundation” for Her Decisions

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard the name Naomi Scott, that’s about to change soon. The British actress is set to star as Jasmine in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s ALADDIN, as well as the reboot of CHARLIE’S ANGELS. Yet, more important than her rise to fame, is her focus on faith.

“My faith is the foundation of every decision I make, and of my marriage,” the 25-year-old actress stated. Scott, who’s married to soccer player Jordan Spence, unpacked that fame won’t be the crux of their lives. She said, ‘we’re young people with big aspirations. I want to be a power couple, I want to make all the money and have a big house.” She continued, “but sometimes Jordan and I say, ok, if I never acted in a movie again, if he never set foot on a football pitch, would our world fall apart?

With one’s purpose being centered in Christ; we certainly hope that wouldn’t be the case.

In addition to acting, Scott also has a talent for singing and has released many singles.

“I’m also excited to see how she is going to energize a whole generation of British girls and young women, who will look at her story, her religion, her style, and work ethic, and see a different sort of ingénue from the sort that Hollywood used to fall for,” said British VOGUE’s editor and chief.

Scott’s ALADDIN co-star Mena Moussoud, who stars as the titular character Aladdin also has a Christian background, having grown up in an Egyptian Coptic Christian household.

Scott posted a fun behind the scenes photo from the set of ALADDIN in anticipation for the movie’s release this summer.


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