Atheists Spread More Irrational Lies

The Center for Inquiry, the leading atheist organization in the United States based in Amherst, NY, recently published the winner of its Best Blasphemy Award – “Faith is no reason.”

In defending the winner, CFI President and CEO Ronald A. Lindsay said, “Beliefs should be based on evidence and reason. Faith is not a basis for logically sound belief.”

With all due respect to Mr. Lindsay, his group has just ignored 3,500 years of Jewish and Christian history and thought.

When Moses approached the Hebrew people and the Pharaoh about the Jews leaving Egypt, he presented them with miraculous evidence for his message from God. Thus, the Jews themselves and Pharaoh himself could see the hand of God actually working in such miracles like Passover, the parting of the Red Sea, and the pillar of fire, among others.

The same can be said for Jesus Christ and Christ’s apostles. The apostles relied on the physical evidence of Christ’s miracles, including His miraculous resurrection, to prove that Jesus was who He said He was. In fact, their eyewitness testimony, written down in the historical documents of the News Testament, remains the primary, most reliable evidence for the truth of Christianity and the faith by which Christians judge one another.

But, the New Testament writers didn’t just use the historical documentation of eyewitness testimony to prove the truth of their faith. They also used reason and logic in their arguments to convince unbelievers. Just read the writings of the Apostle Paul if you doubt that the writers of the New Testament documents didn’t use the basic laws of logic to support their faith. After all, it is Paul who writes in Hebrews 11:2 that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Thus, as numerous Christian thinkers have written since then, from Augustine to Aquinas, from Calvin to C.S. Lewis, from Simon Greenleaf to Norman Geisler, Christianity is a faith founded on evidence and rational logic.

Like most of its other pronouncements, the Center for Inquiry’s newest jab is another irrational, unreasonable lie about religion and the Christian faith. It shows, yet again, that the illogical, uninformed arguments of all atheists are full of falsehoods, slander, and fallacious reasoning that cannot bear up to simple intellectual scrutiny or investigation.

– Tom Snyder, Editor.

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