Ben Shapiro Shares How to Destroy America in 3 Easy Steps

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Ben Shapiro Shares How to Destroy America in 3 Easy Steps

By Cooper Dowd, Contributing Writer

Ben Shapiro’s newest book, “How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps,” claims that an increasing number of Americans seek to tear down the unifying pillars of American philosophy, culture and history.

The 36-year-old American conservative political commentator, media host, author, and attorney is the co-founder and editor emeritus of The Daily Wire, a leading right-of-center newsgroup.

Shaprio brings his razor-sharp wit and blunt attitude to his new book.

In “How to Destroy American in Three Easy Steps,” Shapiro notes that despite public outcry for equality, those same people are actually undermining the very things they love about America by tearing apart our country’s historical and philosophical basis.

Shapiro elaborated on his book in an interview with Fox News Radio.

“So, the basic thesis of the book is that if you want to have anything remotely approaching a functional nation you have to have three factors in common, three factors that your citizens share,” Shapiro told Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson.

“One is a common philosophy, a common reason you want to be a part of the same country, a common culture, so a sort of common orientation towards the world, and the third is a common history.

“There is an active attempt to undermine each one of these elements,” Shapiro added.

During a CBN interview, Shapiro highlighted the harmful factors involved in this ideology, called disintegration ideology.

According to Shapiro, a lot of Americans today believe “that human sin is only a product of the systems that human beings live in.” However, he went on to say that this is “a very anti-Judeo Christian worldview.” “That if you’re Jewish or if you’re Christian or if you believe the Judeo-Christian worldview—if you’re religious of any sort, actually—you tend to believe that human beings are endemically sinful, that human beings have the capacity for sin, and the fact that human beings have done bad things over the course of history is not always the result of a system.”

Shapiro claims that this disintegration view, which is passively accepted by many Americans today, endangers foundational American core values such as free speech, self-defense, religious liberty, and marriage and family importance.

The answer, Shapiro says, is a renewed focus on unity and shared beliefs about the importance of essential social institutions like faith and family.

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