Candace Cameron Bure Announces New Podcast That Will ‘Offer Listeners Guidance and Inspiration’

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Candace Cameron Bure Announces New Podcast That Will ‘Offer Listeners Guidance and Inspiration’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Candace Cameron Bure is adding another line to her resume: podcast host! She recently announced that she will be launching “The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast” on November 1. 

“I’ve been interviewed a whole lot in my 40-plus years on television,” Bure said in a statement about the launch. “I thought it was time to have in-depth conversations about things I really care about — and have lots of fun at the same time!”

Bure said she hopes the podcast will “offer listeners guidance and inspiration for all seasons of life,” covering topics like parenting, marriage, healthy habits, and personal growth. 

The new podcast is being produced through Bure’s Candy Rock Entertainment, which is also producing her upcoming movie with Great American Family. ​​Movieguide® previously reported

Candace Cameron Bure is getting ready for her first movie with GAC Family to premiere!

The actress left Hallmark in April, but quickly partnered with GAC to continue creating and starring in content. 

Bure’s first movie with GAC is called A CHRISTMAS…PRESENT and will premiere on the network in November. 

The actress stars as Maggie, a Type-A real estate agent who takes her family to spend the holidays with her widowed brother and his daughter. The siblings have very different ideas about how to spend Christmas and, after “a series of transformative events,” Maggie learns the true meaning of Christmas.

In a statement about the upcoming movie, Bure shared, “A CHRISTMAS…PRESENT is about slowing down enough to recognize what’s right in front of our eyes. The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season will arrive before we know it but it’s through the quiet moments that we hear God speak to us, directing our path to what’s most important.”

A CHRISTMAS…PRESENT was conceived and developed through Bure’s Candy Rock Entertainment company, and is its first project since signing with GAC. 

“I am thrilled to be kicking off our partnership with a must-see film like A CHRISTMAS…PRESENT,  which will delight our fans this holiday season and is indicative of the memorable movies and family-friendly entertainment that Great American Media is looking forward to creating with Candace and the Candy Rock team,” said Bill Abbott, President & CEO of Great AmericanMedia.

“The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast” will be available to stream via the AccessMore podcast network, YouTube, and at candace.com.

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