Candace Cameron Bure: ‘Praying Should Never Be a Last Resort’

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure: ‘Praying Should Never Be a Last Resort’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Candace Cameron Bure explained why prayer is such a powerful tool and how it keeps us connected to God by reminding us that He is with us and for us.

“Praying should never be a last resort ever. It should be the start,” Bure told her brother Kirk Cameron on TAKEAWAYS. “Get on your knees, get on your face, pray wherever you’re standing or seated all the time.”

“God doesn’t always answer prayers the way we want Him to, but [prayer] is so important because it not only connects us to Him but it’s also just saying, ‘Lord, I am dependent upon you no matter what happens,’” she continued. “But you reach out to Him and you pray and you ask.”

“Prayer is my immediate connection to God,” she told CBN’s Faithwire. “That’s how I talk to Him and communicate with Him.”

“I pray so much, and I see God answer so many things—to the smallest tiny things and sometimes really big things—but when I forget to pray and I stop praying—just a week or two goes by—I notice such a massive difference in my life,” Bure added. “It connects you to God so much because when you see the little prayers being answered, it’s reminding you every day God’s with me, God’s with me. And we know God’s with us, but again, we always have to renew our minds, we always have to remind ourselves and encourage and be present with Him.”

“I get to know Him through prayer, and I pray about all things, not just the big things, and not just the times when times are hard or troublesome,” she said. “I pray in the joy and the thanksgiving and the mundane of life — just everyday things that don’t even seem that important, except I know they are important to God.”

Bure’s adamant explanation for the power of prayer is a wonderful reminder of why Paul encourages Christians to “pray without ceasing.” It is not for God’s sake that we should be in regular communication with Him through prayer but rather for our own.

When we are in the habit of praying about all things in life, big or small, it becomes easier to praise God for the victories and trust in Him during the failures.

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Christian singer-songwriter Matthew West just released his new track, “Don’t Stop Praying.”

“‘DON’T STOP PRAYING’ is OUT NOW,” West posted on Instagram. “Every year I land on a personal theme that becomes a mission statement for my own faith journey. This year’s theme is don’t stop praying.”

“We’ve all been to a place where discouragement can make us wonder if God really hears our prayers,” he continued. “I wrote this song for anybody who’s ever felt like giving up or losing their faith. I couldn’t be more excited to start the new year off with this new song. I hope it encourages anyone who hears it to join me in a commitment to prayer in 2024.”

“Pray for our families, for our friends, for our enemies, for our nation, for our world. God hears the prayers of his people, so don’t stop praying,” West urged.

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