Carrie Underwood Reveals that Miscarriages Made Her “Get Real” with God

Carrie Underwood Reveals that Miscarriages Made Her “Get Real” with God

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Oklahoma-native country singer Carrie Underwood rose to fame after winning the fourth season of the popular singing competition AMERICAN IDOL. Since then, Underwood has released countless record-breaking hits such as “Jesus Take the Wheel,” and “Cowboy Casanova.” Yet, behind all the glitz and glam of her fame, Underwood presents herself as a down to earth star who often takes moments to pause and reflect on God’s provision in her life. Recently, Underwood found herself doing just this amidst extreme heartache…

“I’ve always wanted to be a good daughter to my parents, but also to God, and not complain, because we are beyond blessed,” the singer told the July 1st edition of People Magazine. The article nods to the fact that her faith and values help her see past the vanity of being a Hollywood celebrity and allows her to focus on what really matters to her. Underwood married her NHL player spouse in 2010 and five years later, the pair welcomed their first child together, a son named Isaiah. However, as they tried to grow their family, Underwood experienced a significant heartbreak in a short amount of time, losing three children to miscarriages in under two years. She revealed that this made her focus on getting real with God.

Speaking about this trying time, Underwood commented, “you wonder if it’s you, what am I doing wrong or what have I done wrong.” She added, “but the miscarriages made me get real with God and say ‘Okay, I’m kind of giving up a little bit. If this isn’t meant to happen, then I need to accept that and know that someday I’ll understand why.’”

Out of her heartache, the Lord blessed her family with the child they so desired, another son who they named Jacob. Underwood gave credit to God and said via social media, “his mom, dad and big brother couldn’t be happier for God to trust them with taking care of this little miracle! Our hearts our full, our eyes are tired, and our lives are forever changed. Life is good…”

It’s no secret that Underwood is thankful and proud of her family. On Father’s Day, Underwood took a moment to applaud her husband as a faithful and instrumental blessing as the leader of their family.

“I get to do what I love, I have an incredible family,” the singer stated. “I have Mike, I have Isaiah, I have great parents. I have all these amazing people around me, and I don’t want to complain ever,” she relayed.

Psalm 127 says that children are a heritage from the Lord! It’s encouraging to see Christian celebrities who give back the credit of the family to God, especially in light of the political and social fighting surrounding sacrificing babies to selfishness or the fake arguments in favor of child sacrifice in the country.

Adding to her comments, Underwood said, “the best moments in my life are when I say, “Hey, I can’t control everything, and that’s okay, God is in control.”

If you’re a parent, let us know how your children are a blessing in your life in the comments below.