CCM Artists Toby Mac, Hollyn, and Britt Nicole Talk ‘Keeping Christ In Christmas’

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CCM Artists Toby Mac, Hollyn, and Britt Nicole Talk ‘Keeping Christ In Christmas’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Award-winning Christian artists Toby Mac, Hollyn, and Britt Nicole recently discussed how they and their families keep Jesus at the center of the hectic Christmas season on Movieguide’s® Backstage Pass.

Toby Mac told Cheryl Crisp that Jesus is the focus of their family year around, but Christmastime is a special time to think about Him. Along with the obvious gift-giving, his family reads the story of Luke.

“And that’s one of the things we do. But I really think it’s the way you live year round. But at Christmas, just to stop and take some time to recognize what the season is all about is is really special,” Toby Mac said.

The singer believes that it is a great opportunity for parents to tell their kids about Christ even if they usually don’t.

“Maybe it’s not as much the center of your household. Well, here’s the moment. It’s when the whole world kind of recognize that Jesus was born on this day, and it’s a great time to let them know what you believe,” Toby Mac said.

Singer Hollyn added that her family also has the tradition of reading the nativity story as a way to keep the holiday Christ-centered.

“We would all get together, and we take turns every year and read the Christmas story and just reflect before we open any gifts,” she told Movieguide®. “Before we say a word, we all come together and we pray and we say ‘Lord, thank You for this time, because it’s not about us. And it’s not about the gifts. It’s not even about, you know, a Christmas tree ornament. It’s not about the lights, it’s about You.’”

The ‘Love With Your Life’ singer tries to share Christ’s “light” with the people that she comes into contact with everyday.

“I think I just try to say Merry Christmas to everyone that I see. Like, if I’m in a store, whatever, I love when people say Merry Christmas, and I just love to share that. And I think you just do it out of love,” she said. “And you don’t have to be super forceful about it. But they’ll know that we are Christians by our love.”

“So that’s our kind of family tradition, how we keep Christ in Christmas,” Hollyn

Britt Nicole’s grandfather, who is also a pastor, starts Christmas with the story of Jesus’ birth. Nicole uses the values that he instilled in her, as she faces the “hustle and bustle” of the season.  On top of the holiday busyness, Nicole said that her family is currently in the process of moving.

“[W]e were not in our house yet with our Christmas tree and presents under the tree and all the things that you think it is, you know, it’s not what we are having right now. But what is this season really about?” Nicole asked.

Nicole is reminded of what is most important as she reflects on this time of year.

“And it’s about Christ and it’s about giving, to me, you know, so how can I give how can I love more, and show people Christ through how I love them and how I give. So that’s something I’ve been thinking about this season.”

Toby Mac recently released his new album The Goodness of Christmas and is a 2023 Grammy nominee for Contemporary Christian Music Album for his album ‘Life After Death.’

Movieguide® previously reported:

Christian hip-hop artist TobyMac’s upcoming project will be his most personal yet, after losing his 21-year-old son, Truett, to a drug overdose in 2019.

“Life After Death chronicles my journey from the depths of the deepest valley to the beauty of God’s promise that He will never leave us. Ain’t no doubt about it, He is still the goodness in my life,” TobyMac says about the project.
The new album is called Life After Death.

“I will forever be a different man,” TobyMac told PEOPLE. “I thought, honestly, with my five kids and my bride, that I had the perfect life. And we’re really messy now. It’s not so neat anymore.”

TobyMac is married to Amanda, and they share twins Moses and Marlee, 20, and sons Leo, 17, and Judah, 16.

TobyMac, whose real name is Kevin Michael McKeehan, said that as he wrote the new album, the songs moved from sad to hopeful.

“The pain and anguish was just killing us. I never thought I would ever have it together again,” he said. “I want to write songs that resonate. It’s amazing how many people have experienced loss and how a song just loves them well, wherever they are. I’m so grateful for that.”

Despite the painful tragedy of losing their son, TobyMac said that he and his wife’s bond grew stronger through the trial.

“We just look each other in the eyes and talk about the hard things,” he explained. “That’s been special to our family and needed… Truett was their hero, so it’s hard. Do we all know that he made a mistake? Absolutely. We all know what happened. My kids are aware, but it doesn’t tarnish the person that Truett is to any of us.”

In his honor, TobyMac established the Truett Foster Foundation, which has already helped three young men through college with scholarships.