Chip and Joanna Gaines Champion New Show GROWING FLORET

Photo from Chip Gaines Instagram

Chip and Joanna Gaines Champion New Show GROWING FLORET
By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

As fans of FIXER UPPER anticipate the beloved show’s reboot on the new cable network Magnolia, Chip and Joanna Gaines sat down with the stars of another show on the network’s line up: GROWING FLORET’s Chris and Erin Benzakein. 

GROWING FLORET, one of the most anticipated shows coming to Magnolia, follows the adorable Benzakein family as they expand their farm from 2 to 20 acres. 

The Benzakeins will likely remind audiences of the Gaines themselves, and the couples recently shared their video chat in which the Gaines reminisced on their own challenges with Magnolia homes and FIXER UPPER, as well as offered encouragement to the Benzakeins.

“Y’all talking about the growing pains – Jo and I were just there,” Chip said. “Jo and I are really, kind of old-school thinkers, we’re not really a cutting-edge, millennial couple by any stretch of the imagination.”

The Gaines, who talk freely about their relationship, shared how they relied on one another throughout their careers in renovation and running a business.

“It’s not like you’re on an island having to figure out all of these things by yourself,” Chip added. “There’s hope in this equation. The things you’re gonna learn about each other is gonna blow your mind.”

The Benzakeins shared how their business is one of many struggling in the uncertainty produced by COVID-19. However, Joanna encouraged them to stick to their goals and take risks.  

“Gut instinct is what got you to this point, so just keep relying on that,” Joanna told the Benzakeins. 

Despite the Covid-related uncertainty, the Gaines championed the potential in the new show GROWING FLORET.

“The amount of people that I think are gonna watch this and be inspired by what you’re doing and the beauty that you’re creating,” Joanna said. “But beyond that, [it will] tap into something deep in their heart. And to me, that’s the point of doing your passion — because it leads other people to their passion. And so, I can’t wait to see how this thing explodes.”