Christians React to Lil Nas X’s Blasphemous Song: ‘We Are in a Fight for the Soul of Our Nation’

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Christians React to Lil Nas X’s Blasphemous Song: ‘We Are in a Fight for the Soul of Our Nation’

By Movieguide® Staff

Artist and rapper Lil Nas X, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, came under fire after releasing his newest track, “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” and a new shoe.

Fans criticized the rapper’s newest track as the music video depicts Lil Nas X seducing Satan and pole dancing in Hell.

The artist worked with the streetwear company MSCHF to release a pair of “Satan Shoes” containing a drop of human blood in the sole.

According to the Christian Post, “The shoes, apparently modified Nike Air Max 97s — are decorated with a pentagram pendant and a reference to Luke 10:18: “And he said to them, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.'”

“We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF,” Nike told NBC News. “Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them.”

Despite the backlash, the 21-year-old rapper defended the sexually explicit and blasphemous video.

“y’all love saying we going to hell but get upset when i actually go there lmao,” he wrote on Twitter.

He added later: “there is a mass shooting every week that our government does nothing to stop. me sliding down a cgi pole isn’t what’s destroying society.”

Lil Nas X, who identifies as homosexual, also defended the disturbing sexual interaction with Satan in the video by calling into question the holocaust and slavery.

“y’all saying a gay [expletetive] twerking on a cgi satan is the end of times like slavery and the holocaust didn’t happen.”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem ridiculed Lil Nas’s decision to release the song.

“Our kids are being told that this kind of product is, not only okay, it’s ‘exclusive.’ But do you know what’s more exclusive? Their God-given eternal soul,” Noem said. “We are in a fight for the soul of our nation. We need to fight hard. And we need to fight smart. We have to win.”

Lil Nas X responded: “ur a whole governor and u on here tweeting about some damn shoes. do ur job!”

The governor then responded with scripture: “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? -Matthew 16:26.”

The conversation ended after Lil Nas X quoted one of his song lyrics back:” ‘Shoot a child in your mouth while I’m ridin’ -Montero 1:08.”

Gov. Noem was not the only one to comment on the controversial release in the week leading up to Easter Sunday.

Samaritan’s Purse’s Franklin Graham addressed the song and shoes via Facebook.

“The morals in this country have fallen so fast, and many times the entertainment industry is leading the way,” Graham wrote. “The Word of God says, ‘And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell’ (Matthew 10:28). Hell is a real place, and so is the eternal torment of those who reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.”

This is a dangerous marketing endeavor if you ask me. Rapper Lil Nas X is producing 666 pairs of Nike shoes they’re…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Monday, March 29, 2021

Political commentator Candace Owens added on Twitter: “We are promoting Satan shoes to wear on our feet. We’ve got Cardi B named as woman of the year. But we’re convinced it’s white supremacy that’s keeping black America behind.”

Pastor Mark Burns encouraged Christians to stand firm in the truth of what they believe.

“These #SatanShoes by #Nike & #LilNasX with 666 and a drop of human blood in the sole is a reason why we Christians must be prayed up ready to battle in the spirit with the Voice of the Holy Spirit,” he wrote on Twitter. “This is evil & heresy and I pray that Christians rise up against this.”

Lil Nas X made it evident that he does not plan to apologize after posting a fake “apology video,” which instead shows a scene from the video of the artist lap-dancing.

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