Church Hosts Digital Egg Hunt for Easter Sunday

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Church Hosts Digital Egg Hunt for Easter Sunday

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Tate Springs Baptist Church of Arlington, Texas, located outside of Dallas, will host a digital Easter egg hunt for children on Easter Sunday.

Senior pastor Jared Wellman told The Christian Post, “As a church, holding a virtual egg hunt for the purpose of holding a virtual egg hunt would be no different than just asking kids to play a video game, and that’s not why we exist as a church.”

Wellman added, “Our ultimate goal in all we do is to show and share the message of Jesus.”

Wellman and his team are creating the digital hunt via Minecraft, a virtual building game, since quarantine orders are affecting their congregation.

Minecraft, which is often geared toward children, has received some flack for having less than child-friendly elements included in the game.

As a father of three himself, Wellman knew he must be cognizant of the ins and outs of game before his church made the egg hunt available.

“The server can be set up to avoid some of the scarier aspects of the game,” said Wellman. “While the game doesn’t have extremely scary components, there are monsters and your character can be hurt by falling, etc. In the server setup you can disable these features to make it just be an open building world like a giant sandbox.”

How cool to see churches thinking outside the box to bless others during this unprecedented time.

Interested parties can sign up for the Easter egg hunt here: https://www.tatesprings.com/minecraft

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