What Happens When You Let Your Church Play Matchmaker Instead of Hollywood?

Evy Baehr and Lydia Jambazian

For years Hollywood has produced TV programs about “finding love” but really they are just finding sexual attraction. We all know these programs, the BACHELOR, THE BACHELORETTE, the new I WANT TO MARRY HARRY, etc., etc. Mostly, these programs are filled with catty reactions from girls who will put themselves out there to get the guy. It takes only a few minutes to realize that these programs do not have the same morals you have nor do you want your children’s, your own, or your grandchildren’s dating life to be anything like this!

Well, now there’s a new program allegedly applying Christian, biblical values to this subject, called IT TAKES A CHURCH.

What happens when you let your church play matchmaker for your love life instead of Hollywood?

Airing on the Game Show Network, which gave us THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE, IT TAKES A CHURCH is totally different then any Hollywood dating program. Hosted by Multi-Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning singer Natalie Grant, IT TAKES A CHURCH focuses on one single church member who desires to find a life partner, but what her or she doesn’t know is that his or her congregation, guided by the church’s pastor, is helping the unsuspecting bachelor/bachelorette find God’s perfect mate for him or her. Each episode of IT TAKES A CHURCH will follow a different congregation throughout the country in a competition to help a fellow church member find God’s match for him or her.

IT TAKES A CHURCH premiered Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on GSN.