Churches Come Together to Serve Their Neighbors

Photo courtesy of Eden Digital Media group

Churches Come Together to Serve Their Neighbors

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

Churches around the country have closed their doors for worship; however, this isn’t stopping them from giving back in this time of need with the help of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army launched a campaign called #LetsFightTogether to united churches to serve during the pandemic.

According to the Salvation Army’s website, “The goal of the campaign is to give the latest updates on COVID-19, including real-world solutions for you and your family, encouraging news, and to discover all the ways the Salvation Army is linking arms with our fellow Americans to aid those devastated by Coronavirus throughout Southern California and across the country.”

Churches in the Los Angeles area, including Southland, Mosaic, RealityLA, and Bel Air Presbyterian have all stepped up to the plate with donations.

Photo courtesy of Eden Digital Media group

Rev. Dr. Drew Sams, senior pastor at Bel Air Church said, “It was a no-brainer decision for us,” when asked about donating to the campaign.

He continued, “We know there are millions of people in desperate need right now, so we were more than happy to give away what we can’t currently use. Salvation Army has always been a trustworthy friend and partner, and we know they will distribute these items to those with the greatest need.”

The Salvation Army encourages churches in the Southern California area to participate to do their part during this crisis.

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