Colton Dixon’s New Single Emphasizes ‘God’s Plan’: ‘[He] Wants the Best for Us’

Photo from Colton Dixon’s Instagram

Colton Dixon’s New Single Emphasizes ‘God’s Plan’: ‘[He] Wants the Best for Us’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Colton Dixon’s latest single, “UP+UP,” is all about trusting in God’s plan for us. 

“Life is tough, but I believe God wants the best for us,” Dixon said about the track. “Though life doesn’t come without trials, I believe that God’s plan is to give us hope and a future — a plan that always says ‘up and up’ again.”

He continued, “Musically I wanted to mirror the message of this song, which is this — ‘don’t let life knock you down, but put your hope in God and He will take you ‘up and up’ again.’”

Dixon has also been promoting “Rest of My Life,” a song featured on Angel Studios’ SIGHT. Movieguide® previously reported:

Colton Dixon has released his latest single, “Rest of My Life,” a track off of the soundtrack for Angel Studios’ upcoming SIGHT. 

“When I first heard ‘Rest of My Life,’ I instantly knew it was a fit for the film’s epilogue,” Ryan Svendsen, Angel Studios Head of Music, said of the song. “It is extremely rare for the spirit and lyrics of a song to be an uncanny match for a scene but the stars aligned beautifully with Colton’s track for SIGHT. We are honored to have Colton’s uplifting music bring out this important moment and we know that this song will be a reminder of not only the film but of the miracle that we are not confined by the things that we can physically see.”

Dixon added, “Sometimes when you write a song, it takes on a life of its own. After I experienced the film and got to meet Dr. Wang in person, the lyrics and cadence of the song took on a whole new meaning. I can’t wait for this song and the film to impact the world in a powerful way.”

Dixon frequently speaks about the importance of centering faith in your life, telling The Christian Post, “It’s something you have to be intentional about,” he reflected. “I think it’s something that you have to constantly check in to make sure that you’re doing what God has asked you to do. Because I think so quickly, you can turn from God’s calling into just what you love. And then, like the love of telling people about Jesus becomes more important than actually doing the deed.”

“So for me, it’s checking in and it’s a daily conversation with God,” the singer continued. “It’s a relationship and, not only that, but even with my wife as well. The moment my wife is like, ‘Hey, we think we need you at home,’ it’s like, alright, cool I’m home. It’s God first, family second, ministry third for me, and I don’t always get those priorities right. I’m still learning how to manage. But I know at the end of the day, that’s what it needs to be.”

He also talks about the importance of fatherhood. Dixon shares twin daughters Ava and Athens with wife Annie. 

“I never really understood what parents meant, when they’re like, ‘Man, I didn’t realize I could love someone so much,’” Dixon told PEOPLE. “But then you have kids and you go, ‘Oh my gosh. I would literally do anything. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.’ It’s just a whole new layer of what love looks like and it’s been amazing. Just trying to be the best dad I can be, even at this stage, but it’s been so fun.”

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