The Movieguide(R) Summer Preview: May 2012

The summer movie season is upon us.  Hollywood opens up their bag of tricks each weekend for the next few months to hopefully delight and engage moviegoers.  There’s many familiar faces as bets are hedged with sequels.  We’ll update this preview each month during the summer.

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May 4, 2012

If you liked Iron Man and Captain America, then Marvel is betting that you’ll like those two superheroes in the same movie joined by The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow.   There promises to be plenty of action and comic book fun.  Check back to read the review.

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May 11, 2012

Most weekend moviegoers are too young to know that this new movie is based on a gothic soap opera that ran on ABC in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Tim Burton directs Johnny Depp as a vampire who comes back during the 1970’s in a dark comedic take on the original.  Caution is going to be needed as the obvious occult, gothic themes will probably be mixed with sexual content.  Check back to read the review the week it opens.


May 16, 2012

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who probably will never win a Movieguide(R) Award, is back with a new movie. Cohen is in the title role of a dictator intent on making sure democracy never makes it to his country.  His history of movies suggests that this will be anything but family friendly; but we will see.


May 19, 2012

“G-4!  H-2”  This is what you shout out when playing the Battleship board game by Hasbro.  How this translates into an epic movie about a battleship battling aliens is anybody’s guess.  There will be much action violence and hopefully an engaging story.  Check back for the review.


May 18, 2012

Five couples prepare for parenthood in this romantic comedy.  With hopefully a pro-family message, check back for the review.


May 25

Agents Smith and Jones time travel to the 1960’s to stop an alien from changing history.

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