Danny Gokey Shares How to Combat ‘Heavy Emotions’: ‘Take Every Thought Captive’

Photo from Danny Gokey’s Instagram

Danny Gokey Shares How to Combat ‘Heavy Emotions’: ‘Take Every Thought Captive’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian artist Danny Gokey took to Instagram to share an encouraging message in light of Mental Health Awareness Month.

“If you struggle with heavy emotions, with depression, oppression, trauma, whatever it might be, there is a solution in God’s word that maybe you haven’t seen before, and I want to share it with you,” the “Stay Strong” singer began.

He then read a scripture in the Bible that addresses our minds.

“2 Corinthians 10:5 says, ‘We demolish arguments and every proud thing that is raised up against the knowledge of God and we take every thought captive to obey Christ,’” he read.

Gokey continued, “Every thought is the starting place, is the seed that bears fruit in your life. When you look at the scripture verse, it says that we take every thought captive to obey Christ.”

He then shared what he does when he struggles with negative thoughts.

“If you wake up feeling heavy, if you wake up feeling depression, oppression, negative emotions, you don’t lean into them. You don’t begin to just think about them on a loop and ruminate. What you do, you say ‘God, I’m going to take this thought, and I take it captive, and I put it at your feet. This thought is not going to destroy my day.’ And then I begin to fill it with the Word of God. The Bible says that the kingdom of God is righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit,” he explained.

“This is not an overnight fix. This is an exercise that you do that eventually will begin to rid you of the toxic emotions and put you on a pathway to peace and joy in the kingdom of God.”

Many followers appreciated the advice. One user commented, “This really works! I’ve been practicing this for a while now. I give my negative thoughts to God and he gives me peace!! It feels great! God it’s so Good!” Another person said “As someone who has battled intrusive thoughts/OCD, IT WORKS! Taking every thought captive works, the Word of God ALWAYS WORKS!”

Danny Gokey is a three-time Grammy nominee and three-time K-LOVE Fan Award Male Vocalist of the Year winner. Last week, he released a new music video for his track “Wannabe,” which will be on his “Sound of Heaven” album releasing July 26.

“I loved getting to include my family for this one ~ I want my kids (and all of you!) to remember that no matter what we grow up to be, we should always ‘wannabe’ more like Jesus,” he posted along with a clip from the music video.

Movieguide® previously reported on Gokey:

Christian artist Danny Gokey wants us to rethink how we pray. 

“I think for many years, religion creates people to beg, right?” he said in a recent Instagram video. “‘I gotta just really plea, hang onto the horns of the altar, I gotta just get God to do something.’ And then you realize, the whole time, he was already there.”

Gokey continued, “As a matter of fact, the scriptures say that, ‘Christ in me, the hope of glory.’ You know, why do we bow our heads? Well, maybe we should start looking at bowing our heads to pray because he’s inside of us. Instead of, like, seeing ‘Where in heaven is he? I gotta reach out, and hopefully, my prayers will hit him.’ He’s on the inside of me.”

“So, when you realize he’s already there, your focus and your prayers change,” Gokey concluded. “You walk in authority as opposed to being, like, ‘At some point, He’s going to show up’ — he’s already there.”

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