Disney’s Pro-Family Attitude Yields Dividends

The Walt Disney Company posted a 22% increase in net earnings during its second fiscal quarter ending March 29 this year.
We can’t help but notice that this increase follows the company’s recent decisions not only to combine with the team at the family movie oriented Pixar (TOY STORY, FINDING NEMO, THE INCREDIBLES, CARS, RATATOUILLE, and the upcoming WALL-E), but also to remove all foul language, sex scenes and graphic violence from all its movies under the Disney label. Then there’s Disney’s family-friendly programming for both children and teenagers on its cable channel.
This turn of events matches what MOVIEGUIDE® predicted would happen months ago.
Economists at the Wall Street Journal also attributed the company’s recent success to its family-friendly prices at the hotels at its theme parks. Those prices are also attracting many visitors from overseas.
It looks like Disney continues to be the top name in family entertainment.
We hope the rest of Hollywood is noticing. Cleaning the world’s movie and television screens obviously pays dividends here on Earth as well as building up treasure in Heaven (Jesus in Matthew 6:19-24).