Glen Beck’s Folly – Fox News Host Spreads Canards About Social Conservatives

Date:  Friday, May 29, 2009

Glen Beck, the libertarian hoist of a popular show on the Fox News Channel, said on his show last week that social conservatives in the Republican Party want to stick their noses into what Americans do in their bedroom.

Someone should enlighten Mr. Beck that this is a liberal, libertarian lie that has no foundation in truth.

In the first place, the opposition of social conservatives to abortion is a matter of life and death. Stopping abortions has nothing to do with what people do in their bedroom.

Secondly, the concern that social conservatives have regarding sexual issues such as adultery, premarital sex and homosexuality has to do with what occurs in the public square of America’s cities, towns and suburbs.

Libertarian and liberal libertines like, apparently, Mr. Beck, would have us do nothing about the promotion of sexual immortality in the public square, not only on our city streets but also in the government-run classrooms.

Yet, liberals and libertarians would have voters do nothing about the government’s promotion of such harmful things as premarital sex, homosexuality and no-fault divorce, which leads to adultery and sexual promiscuity.

As study after study has shown, such liberal, libertarian policies are very harmful to society’s most vulnerable citizens – our children and grandchildren!!!

Social conservatives don’t want government poking around in people’s bedrooms. They are just demanding that government protect children and not promote adultery and sexual promiscuity and perversion in their policies.


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