MOVIEGUIDE® gets a lot of books to review with strong inspirational content. Most are easy to put down and forget. Gloria Flynn’s collection of miraculous short stories is hard to put down and, once read, will never be forgotten.
GLORIA’S GLORIOUS STORIES is a record of Gloria’s close encounters with angels and people who experienced the miraculous power of Jesus Christ. It covers stories of people who saw God’s hand at work in very concrete and sometimes mighty ways. A woman who is blind and got her sight back instantly, impoverished people who were given funds miraculously, a stranded stranger whose prayer for help was suddenly answered, a chance encounter with a friend that met a small unexpected need, and many other wonderful circumstances. Gloria even has a story in her book about ministering to one of the people who called while she was working for MOVIEGUIDE®.
Everyone needs to have his faith strengthened. This book will do just that. It shows the many blessings that can occur if you have a servant’s heart and a simple faith in God’s Provision and Grace.

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