How Aging Has Made Anne Hathaway ‘Kinder to Myself, Others’ 

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How Aging Has Made Anne Hathaway ‘Kinder to Myself, Others’ 

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Anne Hathaway recently shared what she has learned from being in Hollywood for over 20 years and how she views life in her 40s.

“I’m right at that point where I have a much better sense of how I like to do things. I’m so much better at sharing. I feel like I’m kinder to myself, I feel like I’m kinder to others,” she told TODAY when asked how she feels about being in her 40s.

Hathaway rose to the spotlight at 17 and has remained a Hollywood favorite ever since, thanks to her impressive range both on stage and on screen. Despite many years as an A-lister, she does not take her fame for granted.

“That’s lucky,” she said about still being famous. “I’m aware that I can’t think of many people who get to [be here],  and I don’t want to miss that.”

Hathaway doesn’t allow her age to define her, and she plans to continue making movies for a long time.

“I don’t think about age,” she said. “To me, aging is another word for living… I’m interested in what’s beyond.”

“It’s so upsetting to hear age misidentified as a barrier for growth,” Hathaway said previously. “I would rather celebrate it for the gift that it is. To me, it is an exciting privilege to grow older and hopefully have the opportunity to learn more about oneself.”

Hathaway recently became the global ambassador for the Vital Protection skincare line from Shiseido. In working with the company, she has found them incredibly “thoughtful, intelligent, caring [and] kind,” and she’s thankful they could help her take a new step in her career.

“It was amazing to realize that a company so timeless, so synonymous with excellence and care and thoughtfulness could want me,” she said of the partnership. “It was an incredible compliment and I decided to say yes before they changed their minds.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Actress Anne Hathaway recently revealed the most important factor in choosing her movie roles: her children. 

Hathaway shares two sons with her husband Adam Shulman: Jonathan, 6, and Jack, 2. 

“I have to say, the ‘kids’ thing has been the biggest shift,” Hathaway said of her sons. “That’s kind of re-prioritized everything, so it’s actually made me a bit choosier because something really has to be so excellent to spend time away from them because they’re so precious to me.”

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