How MOVIEGUIDE® Promotes the Gospel



How MOVIEGUIDE® Promotes the Gospel


Some of our shareholders, board members and others are concerned about the culture and the ultimate remedy for what ails the culture – Christian Revival. This is a great opportunity to point out that MOVIEGUIDE® has not only seen the lives of top entertainment industry leaders transformed through our one-on-one meetings, our inspirational emails, our articles, and our Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala & Report to the Entertainment Industry, such as the former heads of several of the top movie studios, as well as top producers, writers, directors, and managers in Hollywood; we also have been impacting, influencing and affecting movies and television programs since the ministry was founded in 1978.

While I was head of the organization that produced THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE on CBS-TV, watched by 37 million viewers, thousands of whom wrote me letters that it influenced and transformed their lives, I was asked by the Jewish producer of the Genesis Project, who produced THE JESUS FILM, for input on that particular project that Bill Bright used to reach over a billion people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I went to Rome to work with the producer of JESUS OF NAZARETH and the first A.D.

How did we help JESUS OF NAZARETH?

Well, originally they didn’t have a resurrection, so we convinced the producers and filmmakers to include a resurrection. The same issue arose with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

The number of projects we have been involved in since the late 1970s would take up pages and pages. However, the most important thing is that MOVIEGUIDE® is at the forefront of helping movies and television programs proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. So, your involvement, including your gifts and prayers, has helped us do the work of the Kingdom in unique and world-changing ways.

Of course, there is more to do, but I want to thank you for your help, and we pray for every aspect and every sphere of influence, that they see as much transformation as we have.

God bless you and your family and friends.

Yours in Christ,

Ted Baehr.

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