How Movies Can Inspire Us During a Time of Political Unrest

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

How Movies Can Inspire Us During a Time of Political Unrest

By Movieguide® Staff

With the growing political unrest, it can be difficult to practice Paul’s admonishment to the Philippian church to be anxious for nothing. Instead, Paul writes, through prayer and supplication, we are to give thanks to God.

The verse’s simple truth is a well of deep hope that we can drink from today. Sometimes, movies remind us of this lesson as we watch it play out on the screen.

Consider Joyce Smith, the mother in DeVon Franklin’s Movieguide® Award-winning movie, BREAKTHROUGH. By all worldly appearances, her son, John, was dead. He’d plunged through the ice and lost a heartbeat for longer than any doctor thought he could survive. Joyce should have been devastated. Instead, she put her faith into practice and cried out to the Holy Spirit to revive her son. Joyce’s act of obedience to surrender the situation to the Lord brought forth life.

Are you crying out to the Holy Spirit for intervention, or are you spending your time grumbling in anxiety?

Consider also Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, in HACKSAW RIDGE. Desmond chose to enlist in the Army, even though he was a pacifist. As Movieguide® writes in our review:

It’s a story about the importance of not compromising one’s values, faith and commitment to God, and about standing firm when others try to force you to compromise. Eventually, Desmond’s courage and heroic commitment to Jesus Christ changes the hearts and minds of his fellow soldiers and commanders and attests to the importance of prayer, faith and standing on convictions.

We must ask ourselves if we are compromising our faith to fit a political agenda? Doss was not anxious, despite his turn on the frontlines. Instead, he found a way to live out his authentic values in a hostile environment. We must learn to do the same.

Finally, consider Gladys Staines in the Faith & Freedom® Prize-winning movie THE LEAST OF THESE: THE GRAHAM STAINES STORY. The Staines were missionaries in India and ministered to leapers who were cast out from the rest of society. Graham Staines did not proselytize or force Christian conversion on the people he served. He merely reflected God by caring for the sick, and for that, he gave his life. A Hindu mob martyred Graham and his two sons. The movie does an excellent, endearing job of showing how Gladys, played by Shari Rigby, privately turned to the Lord in prayer so that she could publicly profess forgiveness and show a hostile culture the truth about Jesus Christ.

Many Christians today believe that the United States is entering into an era of increased social persecution. Gladys’ example shows us that we are strengthened through prayer, and her peaceful countenance garnered international headlines.

Each of these movies, all based on true stories, remind us that being a person of faith doesn’t guarantee a life without trials and tribulations. Far from it! These testimonies remind us that we must cling to hope during times of crisis. We must turn to the Lord, and He will show us how to act. We must maintain our convictions, and He will use our stories for His glory.

Right now, the Lord is calling you to live according to His Word, to keep your eyes on Jesus and strengthen your faith daily. Do not let the chaos on Capitol Hill trouble your heart. Instead, earnestly seek the Lord and follow His commands. Will you accept the call?