How Sadie Robertson Huff Parents With Confidence

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

How Sadie Robertson Huff Parents With Confidence

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sadie Robertson Huff joined Christian Parenting to talk about a lesson she learned after becoming a new mom.

“I put so much expectation on myself, and I realized that like God’s not disappointed in me, my baby’s not disappointed in me, I’m disappointed in myself because of my own expectations I put on myself,” Huff revealed. “I’ve tried to parent with all these other things and not just be the parent that God made me to be.”

The former DUCK DYNASTY star is mom to daughters Honey, 3, and Haven, 1, who she shares with husband, Christian.

She continued, “You know what I realized in that moment? I am the best parent to Honey in the world not because I’m the best at everything and because I’m perfect at all these things, but I’m the best parent for her because God made me her mom. That is such a beautiful gift. If God said that I’m good enough to be Honey James’ mom, then I’m the best mom for Honey James, and so that just made me so much more confident as a parent.”

One of the things that Huff found herself struggling with was “mom guilt.”

“I realized in the power of confidence as a parent because so many of [my] friends struggle with mom guilt, and I’ve had moments of mom guilt myself,” she said. “I talked to a counselor about it one day, and he said, ‘Sadie, if you raise your kid out of guilt, you will raise a confused and entitled child. Raising them out of guilt will confuse them. It will make them entitled because they’ll know they can get whatever they want because you feel guilty for not giving it to them.'”

“He said the best thing you can do is to be confident, and I realized as a mom that I am much more confident as a mom whenever I’m parenting with God, knowing that I’m learning from the best teacher,” she added.

Movieguide® previously reported how Huff felt more confident after the birth of her child, Honey:

“I don’t know if ‘pretty’ is the word, but I’ve never felt more confident in my life with my body then the day that I had Honey,” Robertson wrote on a recent Instagram story.

Robertson Huff, who has previously been open about struggling with disordered eating, said she felt empowered through the birthing process.

“It was a total different perspective then I have ever had of my body. . . that is truly powerful and more than just an image,” she added. “I didn’t want wear makeup and I wanted my grandma to braid my hair because that’s when I feel the most myself and [was] it just such a raw moment.”

She often reflects on motherhood and the joy she finds in it.

“I met someone today who has seen my messages and she said ever since you became a mom you just seem ‘settled.’ she would be correct,” Huff wrote in a Mother’s Day Instagram post.

“Since becoming a mom I don’t feel that I need to prove anything to the world…or maybe just my idea of ‘the world’ changed,” she continued. “the world used to be everyone outside of my home…now it’s the ones in it.”

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