How ‘The Hope of Jesus’ Is the Foundation of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s Marriage

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How ‘The Hope of Jesus’ is the Foundation of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s Marriage

By Movieguide® Staff

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo and Jeremy Vuolo are candid about their faith and their marriage.

The Christian couple shared their experiences of relationships in their debut book “The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God.”

“We thought about writing a book for quite some time, and we just want to give a deeper look into our lives and the hope that motivates us every day,” Jinger told Fox News. “We know that at times, things can seem so hopeless. And so that’s what drove us to share what gives us hope, and how we faced the good circumstances and bad circumstances.”

Jeremy added: “We really wanted to write this book for everyone. We wanted it to be a book for everyone because regardless of our circumstances, I think everyone can feel hopeless. And yet there’s hope offered for everyone, whether you’re young, old, married, single, whether you’re naturally an optimist or a pessimist – there’s hope for you. And so that was really the motivating force.”

The couple revealed that faith is central to their relationship and that God has been their rock during difficult times.

“Honestly, this hope that we hold is the reason that we’re happily married, that we genuinely are delighted in one another. Though we disagree as any couple does, we can honestly say we’ve never had a fight. It really is the hope of Jesus. That’s the foundation. That’s how we face the ups and downs of life,” Jeremy said. “And now with two little kids, we hope to share how Jesus inspires us with our children. We really need a foundation for our lives that’s bigger than us, bigger than our circumstances… Our fortunes can change so quickly, but God never changes. What God says he will do, he does. So that is the foundation of our lives and the foundation of our marriage, the foundation of our parenting.”

Jinger added: “Whatever circumstance I’m going through, I filter everything through God’s word. When I walked through the loss of my grandma, who I love dearly, at that moment when I got the call from my mom, that’s just how I handled that. It was so tough, but I knew that God was in control. He had taken my grandma home to be with him. Knowing that brought me peace.”

Jinger also noted that her relationship with God helped her cope with the loss of her child.

“I miscarried a baby. It was really, really tough. But in those moments, I see that God carries me through and that is when the rubber really meets the road. You see, it’s not just talking about God and having this understanding from the Bible that’s on paper. You need to know it’s real,” Jinger said. “You need to feel and see the reality of Christ’s love. He gives us love in those difficult circumstances even if we don’t see it at that moment. But it’s there. I have hope because of Christ. Even with my circumstances, when the world’s turned upside down, everything’s seemingly out of control – there is such peace in my heart.”

Jinger continued: “I know how difficult it is to talk about it because it is very, very hard and emotionally taxing even to speak about it. But I wanted other women to feel that they weren’t alone.”

Not only is the Bible a cornerstone of the Vuolo’s marriage, but they also want to encourage other couples to open up the Word of God together.

“I would say to open the Gospel of John. God is telling us about who he is and about what he has done. Really the entire Bible, but a good place to start might be the gospel of John because it tells us about who Jesus is, what he’s done, and why and how we can have hope,” Jeremy said. “Hope is very simply fixing our eyes on the promises of Jesus, knowing that what he says he will do. And so I would just encourage them together, individually, to open the Bible because it’s God’s speaking to you that he will reveal himself to you through it.”