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The Christian Movie Weekly Report – Inside DO YOU BELIEVE?


One of the inspiring things about Christian movies is often the stories behind the movie.

PureFlix, the company behind GOD’S NOT DEAD is recently released their new movie, DO YOU BELIEVE? One of the movie’s stars is Brian Bosworth, one of the hardest hitting, toughest linebackers in the history of college football. In the mid-1980s he became a media sensation and was given the nickname “The BOZ.” He was loved by those in Oklahoma, where he helped the Oklahoma Sooners win a national championship. He was hated almost everywhere else. He said things like, “I want to see if I can hurt some more people. To me, I don’t think I’m out there hurting enough people.” He nurtured his bad boy image with a Mohawk haircut and flashy style. He missed his senior year in college because of drug use charges and an incident where he insulted the NCAA. He played briefly for the Seattle Seahawks before injuries forced his early retirement. He spent 25 years angry at God because his career was shortened.

Bosworth came to accept Christ after reading a script for REVELATION ROAD, an earlier PureFlix movie he starred in as a biker-thug villain. In DO YOU BELIEVE?, he gets a much more admirable role. This time he gets to play a former thug who’s been saved and transformed, a role he’s experienced in real life.

The greatest thing about Christian movies is how they change so many lives for the better. Those who complain that Christian movies are made just to please Christians should read some of the stories of transformation that come to the producers of Christian movies.

Be sure to get out and support DO YOU BELIEVE?, which is a powerful movie made with professional care and craftsmanship. Take unsaved people with you. You could wind up with incredible stories of your own to tell. Remember, stories will often touch hearts that sermons will never reach. Brian Bosworth saw himself in a fictional story, and it changed his life.

Be sure to look for us each week with more stories and reviews on upcoming Christian movies.


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March 20 – DO YOU BELIEVE? (In Theaters Nationwide)

March 24 – LONESOME DOVE CHURCH (DVD release)


March 29 – KILLING JESUS (National Geographic Channel, 8 p.m. Eastern)

April 5 – A.D. (NBC TV series, 9 p.m. Eastern)

April 24 – LITTLE BOY (In Theaters Nationwide)

April 25 – WHEN CALLS THE HEART (Season II, Hallmark Channel 8 p.m. Eastern)


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