Jenny Marrs Reminds Us ‘We Are Always Better Together’

Photo from Dave Marrs’ Instagram

Jenny Marrs Reminds Us ‘We Are Always Better Together’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a new Instagram post, Jenny Marrs shared the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive loved ones.

Marrs quoted Exodus 18:18 — “You’re going to wear yourself out…this job is too heavy a burden for you to handle all by yourself.”

“I absolutely love the wisdom Moses’ father-in-law imparted onto him: you can’t do this alone. You need help,” she continued in her caption. “Go, find honest people to be on your team. Empower them to make decisions and lead them well.”

She went on to say that more people should accept that “we can’t do it alone.”

“No matter how strong or capable we all try to appear to the watching world, we are only human,” she continued. “We have limitations and breaking points. We need each other. We are always better together.”

Since May is “the wildest month” for her family, Marrs said that she was sending a “shoutout to my people” and thanked them for “carrying some of life’s burdens for me.”

“I couldn’t do any of this without each of you. It certainly takes a village,” she finished. 

Marrs frequently celebrates those in her life who help and support her. Movieguide® previously reported on her post about the FIXER TO FABULOUS crew:

FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs recently celebrated the show’s crew in a new Instagram post. 

She posted a slideshow of photos from a recent crew party, showing her co-workers decked out in pajamas, flannel shirts, and even a Bigfoot costume — “The theme for the night was log cabin chic and the attire was on point,” she explained in the caption. 

“I’m grateful for the bizarre path my life took five years ago when we said yes to #fixertofabulous because our family grew exponentially with this team of people,” Marrs continued. “When you watch the show, just know that all of these hilarious, hard-working, passionate and ridiculously talented humans are behind the camera making magic happen.”

She continued, “Every year, we take one evening to celebrate our entire crew and it’s always one of my favorite nights of the year. I will treasure the laughs and memories from last night (and this entire year), always. Season four has been a ride – exhausting, challenging, and wildly fun – it was so good to step away and celebrate all we were able to accomplish together. Cheers to the very best crew in all the land!”

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