Jim Gaffigan and Joel Courtney to Star in Greg Laurie’s JESUS REVOLUTION

Photo via Jim Gaffigan Facebook

Jim Gaffigan and Joel Courtney to Star in Greg Laurie’s JESUS REVOLUTION

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Christian funnyman Jim Gaffigan and actor Joel Courtney will star in Greg Laurie’s JESUS REVOLUTION, according to The Wrap.

JESUS REVOLUTION is based off of Laurie’s book about a spiritual awakening among a group of teenaged hippies in Southern California in the 70s.

Gaffigan will play Chuck Smith, the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, while Courtney will play Laurie.

Smith, who mentored Laurie, opened his church to hippies, and saw an incredible revival sweep the nation.

“This is a distinctly American story of rebirth,” Gaffigan said. “The late 1960s and early 1970s were a time when spirituality was on the wane, leaving a lot of people searching for answers in other places. I’m excited to play a pastor who helped make a home for the people most desperate for those answers and built a congregation – a coming together of people – to make something greater than themselves.”

Courtney said, “When I read the script, I was very drawn to the idea of portraying a man who is completely lost within himself and seeks to find a path and purpose during a time of national turmoil.”

The movie is being brought to the big screen by Lionsgate and Kingdom Story Company, The Erwin Brothers (I STILL BELIEVE, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE) production company.

Jon Gunn, director of Movieguide® Awards-nominated movie THE CASE FOR CHRIST, will direct the adaptation and will also pen the script with Jon Erwin. Kevin Downes and the Erwin brothers are producing, with Jerilyn Esquibel co-producing.

“I love this era,” Gunn said. “The defiant search for truth, the fight against oppression, the hope for a better future in the midst of social turmoil. In that way, it’s not unlike our world today. And I couldn’t be more excited to work with Jim and Joel to tell this honest, captivating story that will serve as a powerful reminder that radical love really can change the world.”

Gaffigan is best known for his clean comedy. He stars in his own comedy special on Amazon JIM GAFFIGAN: QUALITY TIME, as well as TROOP ZERO and PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE.

Courtney stars in THE KISSING BOOTH franchise on Netflix and also had roles in SUPER 8, ASSIMILATE and THE RIVER THIEF.

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