Josh Baldwin Says His Songs Show ‘What the Lord Has Done for Me’

Josh Baldwin Says His Songs Show ‘What the Lord Has Done for Me’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Singer-songwriter and worship leader Josh Baldwin recently spoke about his writing process, as well as how young people in the church are inspiring him. 

“It’s really good when songs are written out of that place of healing, out of like, ‘This is what the Lord’s done for me,’” Baldwin told Worship Leader Magazine. 

He added, “Just because I write a song doesn’t mean it’s meant for everyone and to be sent out to the world. Sometimes, it’s just a way of healing and just dealing with it with the Lord.”

“Write out of healing and not out of hurt,” Baldwin emphasized. 

The singer-songwriter also talked about what has been inspiring him recently as he tours Europe with Bethel Music. 

“The biggest thing I’ve seen, just even over the last two or three years, has just been that the young people are so on fire for the Lord…going after the Lord and worshiping their guts out…writing songs and leading worship,” he explained. “These young people just encourage me and just inspire me and stir me up.”

Baldwin’s most recent project is a live worship album, Made For More

“This album has been such an important project for me,” Baldwin told CCM Magazine. “What I love most about it is that all of these songs came out of different seasons my family and I have been and are still walking through –– calling on the Lord to be our help and our Prince of Peace through all of the ups and downs of life. These songs are anthems that I’ve been singing over myself and my family, reminding myself who the Lord is in me and who He’s called me to be. The heart of this album, and my heart for every person who listens, is that they would be reminded that they’ve been redeemed and called by name.”

He went into more detail about the decision to do a live album while talking to the Christian Post. 

“I’m still a worship leader at heart, but then I can see the artist’s side of me coming out more and being more comfortable with who that is,” Baldwin explained. “I wanted to go back and do a live album that was me leading my little church in worship. But also, as an artist, I feel like it sounds more authentic to who I am, naturally, than any album I’ve done.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Made For More:

Singer and worship leader Josh Baldwin is sharing the inspiration behind his latest album, “Made For More,” which features live performances of new tracks. 

Baldwin explained to The Christian Beat that “the original plan” for the album was to just do a simple live album with performances of some of his biggest songs. However, after writing “Made For More,” he decided to incorporate new songs into the project.

“It immediately just felt special,” he said of the title track. “It felt like a song that it was going to be hard to wait to get it out…that’s kind of where it pivoted.”

Baldwin continued, “All these songs….I feel like these are some of the songs that I’ve believed in the most that I’ve been a part of, and so that feels special.”

“When I look at the whole album, there’s a thread of just looking back and seeing the Lord as our help and our defense…just looking back at the Lord, how He’s come through over and over. There’s a thread of relying on the Lord.”


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