Kelly Preston, Naya Rivera and Ben Keough’s Recent Deaths Prove that God Is the Only Source of Comfort

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Kelly Preston, Naya Rivera and Ben Keough’s Recent Deaths Prove that God Is the Only Source of Comfort

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

People around the world are mourning after this weekend’s slew of celebrity deaths.

Kelly Preston, (WHAT A GIRL WANTS) succumbed to her private battle with breast cancer.

Naya Rivera’s (GLEE) missing body was recovered in a lake.

Ben Keough, Elvis Presley’s grandson, committed suicide.

While Rivera claimed to be a Christian, Preston and Keough both have strong ties to scientology. I genuinely pray that each of these individuals found comfort with the Prince of Peace before they died.

One of the deepest blessings in Christianity is God’s promise of eternal life.

In Revelation it tells us, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

Christianity offers us a guarantee that we will be with Jesus after we die if we have a relationship with Him. No money, no connections, no strings attached—just faith by calling upon the name of the Lord. The reality is that if someone does not have a relationship with Jesus, they are damned to an eternity of misery.

There is a desperate cry in each of our hearts to be known, to be loved, to have some recognition from among the billions of people on the planet. Christianity gives us that. Faith in Christ allows us a fruitful relationship that endures heartbreaks and traumas.

Yet, the Bible does not exempt us from trials and tribulations. In fact, it promises the opposite. But, what the Bible does give us is a promise beyond ourselves.

When people die, if they have a relationship with Christ, we have an incredible hope that they are truly alive in Heaven.

Of the three celebrities who died recently, only Rivera professed to have faith in Jesus. Imagine if all three had a relationship with Jesus and we could rejoice knowing they are in Heaven.

Nothing the world offers can compare to this ultimate peace. Only God can give us the comfort we so desperately crave.

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