Kirk Cameron Remains UNSTOPPABLE

By Alexandra Harmening, Contributing Writer

 With the help of over a half a million fans, Kirk Cameron’s newest project UNSTOPPABLE was allowed back on both Facebook and Youtube. The response from faithful fans came after Cameron posted that the link to the UNSTOPPABLE trailer was blocked by Facebook on July 18th and labeled as “abusive,” “unsafe” and “spammy.” The following day, a similar glitch occurred with Youtube which identified the film trailer’s content as spam. 

Sponsored by Liberty University, UNSTOPPABLE is a live event taking place in theaters on September 24th for one night only. In the film, Cameron wrestles with the familiar question of “Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?” The trailer itself seems safe for all viewers as it shows Cameron talking through the difficult questions along with scenes of people comforting one another and brief clips of people covered in mud.  

After the outcry, Facebook was quick to restore the link stating that their automated malware system inaccurately removed the preview. Facebook offered further comment postulating that “the address purchased for the movie was previously being used as a spam site and it hadn’t been refreshed in our system yet.” 

In his call to “all friends of Faith, Family, and Freedom,” Cameron explained that the film as a personal project about “faith, hope, and love, and about why God allows bad things to happen to good people.” 

While bans from Facebook and Youtube were apparently unintentional system errors, what seemed like an attack has rapidly been used to generate massive publicity for the film. Countless articles have appeared online, and the story reached news broadcasts last night. This episode seems further proof of UNSTOPPABLE’s message that things meant to harm, God means for good.