Lauren Daigle Shares New Song ‘Tremble’ Ahead of Her World Tour

Photo from Lauren Daigle’s Instagram

Lauren Daigle Shares New Song ‘Tremble’ Ahead of Her World Tour

By Movieguide® Staff

Two-time Grammy Award winner and multi-platinum-selling artist Lauren Daigle released a new song, “Tremble,” about the presence of God.

After performing the single for multiple years, Daigle said she was excited to share the song with the public.

“I’ve been performing ‘Tremble’ for a few years now, holding on until the right moment to share it with everyone,” Daigle said. “I’ve always had a special connection with this song and have loved seeing the audience reaction every night. I cannot wait to get back to performing it this fall!”

“This is a very special moment for me,” Daigle wrote under the video of her live performance. “I’ve always had a unique connection with this song — and it’s one of my favorite moments of a live show having been performing it over the past few years. I feel like now is the perfect time to share it with you all, I hope you enjoy!! Cheers!”

Daigle released the song on streaming through a live performance at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA, in Sept. 2019.

The first verse of “Tremble” reads: “I will tremble at no other name/ My heart’s surrendered to no other reign/ I will bow at no other throne/ Rest my heart at no other home/ Let these hands lift no other crown/ Let these knees fall on no other ground/ Draw these eyes from the gold that won’t shine/ You turn this life from water to wine.”

“I tremble/ I tremble, Lord/ In your presence,” Daigle sings in the chorus.

The 29-year-old, who has sat atop Billboard charts since her Grammy Award-winning and platinum album Look Up Child, also announced her “Lauren Daigle World Tour,” which launches Sept. 24.

Watch Daigle’s live performance below:


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