Lawson Bates of BRINGING UP BATES Shares His Heart for Nashville Tornado Survivors

Photo courtesy of Lawson Bates on Instagram

Lawson Bates of BRINGING UP BATES Shares His Heart for Nashville Tornado Survivors

By Jenny Frye, Contributing Writer, and Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Lawson Bates of UPtv’s BRINGING UP BATES shared his heart for Nashville tornado survivors through the relief work he’s doing on their behalf.

“For me, this one is really different than any of those because it’s right here in my backyard,” said Bates, 27. “I’ve seen a lot of disasters, but being here in Tennessee and going through these areas before and then just seeing the damage… It’s really heartbreaking.”

Bates spent the week volunteering after the tornadoes destroyed parts of Nashville. The volunteer work is just an outward expression of his Christian faith and upbringing, which is chronicled on BRINING UP BATES on UPtv. Season 9 premiered March 5.

Bates shares disaster relief updates with his social media followers.

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This is the worst devastation I’ve ever seen in my home State of Tennessee, but I’ve also seen some of the greatest outpourings of support, love, and energy from so so many who care enough to pitch in and do whatever it takes to get the ones who’ve lost everything back in their feet! We’ve been on the ground with a team of 6 guys, 2 skid-steers, chainsaws, equipment etc working alongside the hundreds of volunteers in search and rescue, cleanup, and recovery. There’s a long long ways to go, but Tennessean’s have the heart and will to get through this dark moment stronger than before! Continue to pray for families of those who’ve lost dear loved ones in this devastating tragedy. God bless everyone who is coming together to make a difference. #TennesseeStrong #CookevilleStrong #NashvilleStrong #MiddleTennesseeStrong

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Bates, who’s a strong Christ-follower, said that he and his teams primarily give medical attention to those in need but also look for any way that they can greatly impact survivors.

“I think it is meaningful to be able to give back and do what we can to help,” said the reality star. “I helped a little girl that was thrown out of her house with a little brother just yesterday. [I] helped her find some of her personal items or belongings from her bedroom that were thrown across the neighborhood.”

Bates, who has 18 siblings, knows the meaning of helping families in a time of great pain and loss. Bates continued about the brother/sister duo, “It just was so meaningful to her that we were finding little things, some of her painting and stuff like that. I can’t even imagine but thankfully, her and her little brother were both okay.”

Bates knows the value of a sibling relationship. BRINGING UP BATES follows the Bates family, which includes 19 siblings, patriarch, matriarch, and all the new spouses and children as the original Bates clan members grow up, fall in love and get married.

“This is the most, I guess, dramatic and action-packed season so far,” exclaimed Bates. “Every year with 19 siblings to begin with, there’s new babies, we see relationships and weddings and you’re going to see a lot of that unfold in season nine.”

In addition to continuing his reality TV show with his wholesome Christian family, Bates finds himself passionate about his career in country music.

“[Country music is] just another way to tell stories I feel and connect with people and country music is kind of the epicenter of like storytelling,” said Bates.

Fans of Bates can look forward to new music in May 2020.

Until then, be sure to tune into BRINGING UP BATES on UPtv.

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