Martin Sheen is Thankful for the ‘Miracle’ of His Son Charlie Sheen’s Sobriety

Photo from Charlie Sheen’s Instagram

Martin Sheen is Thankful for the ‘Miracle’ of His Son Charlie Sheen’s Sobriety

By Movieguide® Staff

Hollywood veteran Martin Sheen, known for the series WEST WING, said that he is proud of his son and fellow actor Charlie Sheen for his sobriety.

“I adore him,” the 80-year-old actor told PEOPLE. “I’ve always, always adored him. His recovery and his life is a miracle and he’s an extraordinary man.”

Martin spoke of his son during a press conference for his movie, 12 MIGHTY ORPHANS.

“We went through as you, as everyone knows I suppose, some very difficult times when he was out there,” Martin said of his 55-year-old son. “He’s come back – thank heaven – and he’s healthy and he’s working on a book now.”

“He’s very involved with his family, his children and grandchildren,” Martin added.

In 2016, Charlie opened up about his relapse after 11 years of sobriety due to an HIV diagnosis.

“It was to suffocate the anxiety and what my life was going to become with this condition and getting so numb I didn’t think about it,” Charlie told Dr. Mehmet Oz at the time. “It was the only tool I had at the time, so I believed that would quell a lot of that angst. A lot of that fear. And it only made it worse.”

Last year, Charlie posted on his Twitter celebrating one year after he quit smoking.

“Dear @my lungs,” Charlie tweeted. “It was one year ago TODAY, that I quit smoking ! hashtag – YOU’RE WELCOME !”

“If I could go back in time and have NEVER STARTED, I would absolutely do so,” the actor added. “If you are on the fence about quitting, trust me; the sooner the better ! happy 4th !”



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