Mike Rowe Prepares for New Season: ‘Extraordinary True Stories of American Heroes’

Photo from Mike Rowe’s Instagram

Mike Rowe Prepares for New Season: ‘Extraordinary True Stories of American Heroes’

By Movieguide® Staff

Mike Rowe announced that part of the third season of his series, THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY, was recently filmed in Oklahoma.

Movieguide® previously reported on the series:

Whether Mike Rowe is on the screen as the host for his show DIRTY JOBS, or author of his book The Way I Heard It, he honors the stories of hardworking, everyday individuals.

According to Rowe, the ability to share their stories with the general public becomes the gateway into the broader issues in America today.

“I don’t think there’s one specific answer or playbook,” Rowe told Faithwire. “But part of the answer has to be storytelling. We have to do a better job of magnifying people who have prospered or found a measure of happiness by doing the very things that we want to celebrate.

“The problem is nobody wants a sermon and nobody wants a lecture and nobody wants to be scolded,” he added. “And I certainly don’t want to do any of those things, either. So it’s a tricky balance.”

Rowe plans to release yet another project this May through TBN called, THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY.

“It is unlike any show on TV,” Rowe said.

According to director Jonathan Coussens, the upcoming season will contain 13 episodes and cover over a hundred years of history.

“This season has 13 episodes that span the course of 100+ years. In each episode, we bring to life extraordinary true stories of genuine American heroes. We cover all types of people. Everyone from the Founding Fathers to Rock and Roll Icons to Martin Luther King Jr,” he explained.

Movieguide® previously reported on Rowe’s emphasis on hard work and personal responsibility:

Mike Rowe shared his passion for work ethic and said that there needs to be a change in how Americans, specifically young people, view work.

“I kind of Forrest Gumped my way into a different kind of show 20 years ago when I realized that the country just was starving to have a conversation about the the dignity of work the definition of a good job, the willingness to get dirty and the success that often is hidden beyond a veneer of grime or slime or mud or something much worse,” he added.

Through the success of DIRTY JOBS, Rowe created Microworks, which offers scholarships for young people to learn trade skills.

“The best thing that came out of DIRTY JOBS back in 2008 was a foundation called Microworks and I started it mostly as a PR campaign for a couple million good jobs that were out there that nobody seemed to want,” Rowe explained.” Typically jobs that didn’t require a four-year degree but rather the mastery of a skill. The more I began to talk about those opportunities the more it became clear that what was really required was not certification, it was not a diploma, it was not a degree, it was not some sort of proof from the Ivy League. It was truly a willingness to show up early, stay late, and master a skill that was in demand.”

“Your happiness, your job satisfaction, the fulfillment of your dream, all that stuff would come later,” he added. “It was this idea of starting with the opportunity, figuring out how to get good at it, and then figuring out how to love it.

“It’s very difficult to look into a person’s soul and determine if they have an ethic for work, but I can tell you if their attitude is decent, if they understand the basics of delayed gratification, and if they use words like personal responsibility and accountability, that separates them immediately from the masses.”


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