Movieguide® Down Under

Movieguide® Down Under:

Redeeming the Media Through Australia

By Tom Snyder, Editor

Movieguide®’s efforts to spread media wisdom in Australia are going well, said Founder Dr. Ted Baehr, author of “The Media-Wise Family,” about the first leg of his current speaking trip to the land of kangaroos, koala bears, sunny beaches, and crocodile hunters.

“Australia produces a lot of people who go to Hollywood,” Dr. Baehr said, naming Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Director Baz Luhrman of THE GREAT GATSBY, Nicole Kidman, and Hugh Jackman.

“So, it’s a big influence on America. Therefore, Movieguide® and the Christian Film & Television Commission® [CFTVC] need to be an influence on Australia.”

CFTVC and Movieguide® ( are nonprofit companies dedicated to “redeeming the values of the entertainment industry, according to biblical principles, by influencing industry executives and by informing and equipping the public about the effects of the mass media.”

Media wisdom is learning how to discern good media from bad media and learning to choose the good media and reject the bad media, as well as teaching children to tell the difference and teaching them about biblical faith and values, including God’s biblical standards for living.

During the current trip, Dr. Baehr and Movieguide® Vice President Robert Baehr so far have talked with producers and other people in Australia who want to make movies, including one of the Australian deans of the New York Film Academy.

In Hobart, Tasmania on Saturday, they talked with a group of parents about teaching their children to be media wise.

Tuesday, Ted spent the day with 25 Entertainment Industry leaders and then talked with about 200 business leaders in Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia.

“They were really enthusiastic and interested in the things we were doing,” Robert Baehr said.

Thursday through Sunday, Dr. Baehr and Robby will be speaking several times at the World Congress of Families VII conference in Sydney, which includes family advocates from around the world, international civic leaders, and many people from the Australian government.

One of the media panels includes a special advance screening Friday of the movie RETURN TO THE HIDING PLACE, a movie about a Christian Resistance fighter opposing Hitler’s National Socialists in the Netherlands during World War II, slated for release later this year.

One of the stars from the movie, Rachel Spencer Hewitt, will appear on the panel, as will the movie’s Producer/Director Peter Spencer.

Dr. Baehr will also be speaking at the conference on “A Culture Worth Preserving:  The Importance of Storytelling,” “Blockbuster Stories that Build Character and Restore Family Values,” and “The Culture-Wise Family.”

Robby Baehr will speak twice at the conference, once on “Reaching the Next Generation with the Pro-Family Message” and once on “Social Media:  Friend or Foe?”

For more information, visit or call 1-888-248-6689.

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