New Documentary TRANS MISSION Highlights Severe Consequences to Surgical, Medical Transitions in Young Children 

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New Documentary TRANS MISSION Highlights Severe Consequences to Surgical, Medical Transitions in Young Children 

By Movieguide® Staff

Former pediatric nurse Jennifer Lahl has turned to filmmaking to shed light on the dangerous path medical professionals take to treat gender dysphoria in young children.

Lahl’s new 52-minute documentary, TRANS MISSION: WHAT’S THE RUSH TO REASSIGN GENDER?, highlights the voices of health experts, activists, parents, and educators on the dangers of medical and surgical transitioning for children.

“There are doctors in the U.S. who will go to work today and oversee the chemical castration of little boys, who will put 14-year-old girls into menopause and give troubled young girls cosmetic mastectomies,” one interviewee says, according to CBN News.

“They aren’t happy that they had to transition after puberty because after puberty you have an Adam’s apple, you have a deep voice, you have big hands and feet, you know you’re large,” Lahl told CBN News. “But this notion within the trans activists is, ‘ah ha, we can fix this by blocking puberty in these young boys and girls.'”

“How on earth could a 7 or 8 or 9-year-old young person say, ‘Yes I’d like to have my uterus removed or I’d like to be put on wrong sex hormones so I don’t develop sperm or grow facial hair,'” Lahl added. “When we think we can willy-nilly stop that and block that, that there’s not going to be any short and long term harm, it’s unfathomable.”

Lahl suggests that meaningful discussion could come well before doctors and families look to physical treatment.

“We need to provide children that are experiencing gender dysphoria with a whole host of therapies to try to get an understanding of, what’s going on in the home, what’s going on in the community and what’s going on at school? Is this a child being bullied? Is this child on the spectrum?” Lahl told The Christian Post.

“To offer medical and surgical transition is not appropriate therapy for these kinds of feelings,” she added.

The reality that Lahl and other pediatrians present in the movie is that the data pool is not large enough to rule out dangerous, long-term effects.

Lahl claims that hormones, puberty blockers, and gender surgeries will affect a person’s body throughout their entire life.

“The reality is we don’t have any long-term studies in children and there is very good reason to be concerned about the outcome,” Dr. Paul Hruz, a pediatric researcher at the Washington University School of Medicine, said.

Lahl’s movie, which is currently available on YouTube, also features testimonials from parents whose children were pressured by medical professionals to explore medical and surgical solutions to gender confusion.

“The pediatrician she said that if I didn’t affirm my daughter’s identity and I didn’t get the help she needed and she killed herself, I was going to feel awfully guilty,” one mother said, according to CBN.

“I was such a pretty girl, such a good girl and then I just ruined it basically,” a patient who received treatment said. “I turned myself into this hairy man and I’m stuck looking and sounding like this forever.”

Lahl adds: “Many of them have said we wish the doctor had said this is not the route we’re going to take. ‘We’re not going to put you on this gender reassignment track and put you on that fast track to cross-sex hormones and surgeries. We’re going to find out what’s really going on here.'”

“They want to shut us down,” she said. “They don’t want to talk about risks and harms. They don’t want to talk about the lies that these families and these children are being offered.”

However, Lahl believes that it is not only a battle worth fighting but also one that “reasonable people” can win.

“There’s a lot of really vulnerable people out there that don’t even know that this is happening to children or they don’t know the level and frequency at which it’s happening,” she said. “But I believe this battle is totally winnable because most people are incredibly reasonable. When they watch this film and hear these stories, they will hopefully say, ‘This is not good, this is not proper, and we’re not going to do this.'”

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