NHL Star Matt Duchene Declares ‘There’s No One Greater Than Jesus’

Photo from Matt Duchene’s Instagram

NHL Star Matt Duchene Declares ‘There’s No One Greater Than Jesus’

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The Dallas Stars are in the middle of the Western Conference Finals in hopes of winning the Stanley Cup, but player Matt Duchene is relying on more than his skills to get him through the playoffs.

In an Instagram post shared by Christhlete, Duchene said, “There’s no one greater than Jesus, and there’s no one that has your life and plan in their hands other than Him.”

To get to the Western Conference Finals, the Stars went into a second overtime. Duchene was the one who secured the winning goal to help his team advance.

But he hasn’t always had success on the ice.

“[God is] giving me the tools, and He’s still giving me the tools and the lessons to achieve those things,” Duchene began to say on a 2022 episode of the “Sports Spectrum” podcast. “He’s still giving [despite] everything I’m going through right now.”

He continued: “I remember there was times like a year ago or two years ago where I said to my dad, ‘God has his hands all over this right now because what is happening makes no sense.’ It doesn’t make sense. The puck will not go in the net. I cannot be successful no matter what I do or how well I play.”

“There’s some reason for it. God has his hands all over it, and I just have to be patient and let it come to me and it did,” Duchene concluded.

Duchene is outspoken about his faith and declares “Christian” as the first thing in his Instagram bio.

On Easter, he posted a heartfelt caption along with a photo of his wife and children.

“He is Risen! Truly the best day in history… Happy Easter y’all, God Bless,” he wrote.

Tune in tonight at 7:30 CT to watch the Stars in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals.

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