Peacock Announces New Three-Part Barney the Dinosaur Documentary

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Peacock Announces New Three-Part Barney the Dinosaur Documentary

By Movieguide® Staff

Since 1992, children have enjoyed the family-friendly lessons of the purple and green dinosaur named Barney.  

The streaming service Peacock announced a three-part documentary series about Barney the Dinosaur, which has cemented itself in pop culture. 

“Barney the Dinosaur was a ubiquitous character for children and parents alike and we are thrilled to work with the Scout Productions team to bring this three-part series to Peacock,” Rod Aissa, executive vice president of unscripted content for NBCUniversal Television & Streaming, said. “This documentary is bound to captivate audiences like Barney has over the years.”

The documentary will feature interviews and archival footage that explore the character created by Sheryl Leach.  

Variety reported

Barney was created by Sheryl Leach, with the character debuting in 1988 in the” Barney and the Backyard Gang” home video series. That was followed by the PBS series “Barney & Friends,” which aired until 2010. There have also been numerous Barney concert specials, movies, toys, and more.

The documentary is produced by Scout Productions. Tommy Avallone is the director and executive producer. Rob Eric, David Collins, Michael Williams, Amy Goodman Kassm, and Joel Chiodi of Scout Productions executive produce along with Raymond Esposito. Wendy Greene is co-executive producer and Trent Johnson is the producer. The untitled doc will premiere on Peacock in 2022.

Aside from his appearances on TV, Barney also became the title character for several movies. 

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of BARNEY’S GREAT ADVENTURE reads

BARNEY’S GREAT ADVENTURE is a colorful, entertaining movie designed for younger children, especially preschoolers. In the movie, Barney tries to make friends with a young boy named Cody, who is staying on his grandparents’ farm with his little sister Abby and her best friend Marcella. “You can be almost anywhere if your imagination takes you there,” Barney tells them. At first, Cody is skeptical about the dinosaur’s claim, but he relents and makes a wish upon a star: “I wish I could have a real adventure and do things I’ve never done before.” The next day, he and the girls find a large mysterious egg with five colored rings on its shell in the barn. They lose the egg, however, and the rest of the movie involves Barney helping them retrieve the egg by using their imaginations and developing persistence.

Filled with good, clean fun, BARNEY’S GREAT ADVENTURE displays several positive values, such as friendliness and kindness. Most virtuous of all is the big purple fellow himself, who is always kind, considerate and caring with the children who are his friends and even with those who aren’t. Regrettably, the movie contains non-biblical elements that paint an unreal, rosy picture of people and their abilities and promote magical thinking.

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