Rodeo Star Spencer Wright, Wife Praying for Miracle After Son Found Unconscious

Photo from Spencer Wright’s Instagram

Rodeo Star Spencer Wright, Wife Praying for Miracle After Son Found Unconscious

By Movieguide® Contributor

Rodeo star Spencer Wright and his wife, Kallie, are praying for a miracle after they found their 3-year-old son unconscious in a creek.

Family friend Mindy Clark said in an interview with a local news station that the Wrights’ son, Levi, was playing with his tractor by a stream. Kallie said she went inside for a split second, and then when she came back, Levi was gone.

“[Kallie] saw his little tractor overturned and immediately dialed 9-1-1 and jumped into the water to find him,” Clark told KUTV.

Soon after, Levi was found about a mile away, unconscious in the creek.

“We don’t know how long he had been in the water, but he had been carried quite a ways,” Clark explained.

After the incident, Clark shared an update on Levi from the Wrights.

“Levi’s heart is beating on its own, he has a will to breathe but his sweet little brain was without oxygen too long and there is no coming back from that,” Clark’s post said. “We cuddled him all night and feel strongly that his spirit is no longer with us. We can’t be selfish and drag this out for days, he doesn’t deserve that. Shortly we will stop care and hold him close until his last breath on earth. My Baby, my beans, Mom & Dad love you always and forever!”

As the doctors came in to stop treatment on Levi, they noticed there might still be time for a miracle.

“Our doctor was a little taken aback by her exam as they came in the room to end care. She felt strongly that we needed to give him more time,” the Wrights explained in another post. “Now this doesn’t mean that in 12 hours we won’t be right back in the same position with him in my arms preparing for goodbye but it does mean we have time for a miracle! Pray the hardest you ever have, I beg of you! However this ends, it’ll be the Lord’s will.”

On May 24, God answered their prayers.

“LEVI WOKE UP!” Kallie wrote on her Facebook page. “I am shook, we don’t know much but the doctor said it was okay for me to get excited about that and I AM! My baby is so tough!”

In a later post, she revealed that Levi suffered a brain injury.

“Our doctor is nothing short of outstanding and I believe with all of me that her heart is invested into him, as she has provided us the most precious gift of time. Something we almost did not have. Whether that is time to see if God provides a miracle to us or whether it’s time for us to research, learn and process this all in order to make the most informed decisions,” Kallie shared.

Please pray for Levi’s health and that God will continue to heal his body. Pray also for wisdom for Spencer and Kallie as they navigate this difficult time.

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