‘Sex Doesn’t Sell’: Movieguide® Reveals the Truth About Box Office Success

Photo via Epoch Times/YouTube

‘Sex Doesn’t Sell’: Movieguide® Reveals the Truth About Box Office Success

By Movieguide® Staff

Since its inception, Movieguide® has been on a mission to prove that sex, violence, language, nudity, and drug use in a movie do not make it successful. Actually, it’s the opposite.

“Sex doesn’t sell,” Robby Baehr, Movieguide® co-CEO, tells The Epoch Times.We do this big Report to The Entertainment Industry every year where we analyze all the films that come out, and we are able to determine what content does better. What we found is that the less sex you put the movie, the more money it makes. The less violence you put in, the more profitable is. We can actually determine how much every f-word is going to cost you at the box office.

Movieguide® takes the Report to The Entertainment Industry to the major studios and shows them how movies with moral, family and faith elements actually outperform movies loaded with gratuitous content.

“When we started, 82% of movies were R-rated,” Baehr said. “Last year, it was 30%.”

Movieguide® is different than other review sites because of how it evaluates the movies. Movieguide® reviews are actually thorough analyses, not just a thumbs up or thumbs down.

“We review it for the faith and family market, and we look at it based on 150 different criteria on how it affects kids at different stages of cognitive development,” Baher says. “The process was developed by over 60 academics, and we just love getting to do that.”

When the average Hollywood movie takes more than $104 million to make, studios scrutinize every scene, and Movieguide® offers input.

“We try to get a scene in there of [someone] praying or going to church or going to the Bible or other things like that where we can insert that in a positive way in the films, and then also just encourage more family content,” Baehr says.

Watch Baehr’s full interview below.