“Sexual Acting Out” Among Four-Year-Olds!

A UK government report says that many of their young primary school children, even as young as 4-years-old, are being removed from class for “inappropriate sexual behavior.” The sexual behavior involved touching other children inappropriately and using sexually graphic language.

The breadth of the problem precludes it being something stemming from individual families. Rather, Norman Wells, head of the Family Education Trust in the UK says, “We are failing to learn the lesson that introducing children to sexual language and imagery, whether on television, videos, DVDs, the Internet, or in formal school lessons will inevitably break down children’s natural sense of reserve.”

To this comment, we can only add a hearty, Amen!

This report confirms what many other studies have shown – that depictions of sex in the media and in the classroom (under the oxymoronic phrase “sex education”) rob children of their innocence and make them more susceptible to rude behavior and sexual perversion, not to mention deadly sexually transmitted diseases.

This is another tragic, yet poignant, example of why it is important to support MOVIEGUIDE® with your prayers and donations.

The mass media creates the culture that influences your children and grandchildren. Please let MOVIEGUIDE® help you protect your family from this media terrorism.

– Source: Life News, 07/01/09.


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