Tell GQ to Apologize for Listing The Bible as One of the Most Overrated Books Ever

Petition: Tell GQ to Apologize for Listing The Bible as One of the Most Overrated Books Ever

GQ magazine has reached a new low. On April 21st, the publication released an article listing their “21 most overrated books of all time”, which includes titles like Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and The Lord of the Rings. The editors also included The Bible, stating, “Those who have read it know there are some good parts, but overall it is certainly not the finest thing that man has ever produced. It is repetitive, self-contradictory, sententious, foolish, and even at times ill-intentioned.” Instead of reading the Bible, the author of the article, Jesse Ball, recommends readers to read The Notebook by Agota Kristof.

It’s one thing for the publication to not share the faith of the majority of the country, it’s another to attack the Holy Scriptures so overtly as “over-rated”, especially given the fact that the publication would never dare to do the same to the Koran, the sacred texts for Islam. The Rev. Franklin Graham wrote about the GQ article on Facebook, stating, “Recent estimates put the number that have been distributed since 1815 at more than 5 BILLION copies—and over 100 million are printed every year! The Holy Bible is God-breathed, it is living and active, and it is sharper than a double-edged sword.” Graham continued, “There’s nothing more powerful, and there’s nothing more needed by mankind than the Word of God. Maybe the GQ editors need to read it, again. The subject of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is Jesus Christ; and, one day soon, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.”

As reported in the 2018 Movieguide Report to the Entertainment Industry, a Barna study found that 80% of American adults consider the Bible to be “sacred text”. In addition to that, more than 50% of American’s believe the bible is the “actual or inspired Word of God, with no errors”.

The positive impact of the Bible on civilization throughout history is unparalleled to any other piece of text. GQ, which is primarily a magazine for men’s fashion, grooming and fitness, is not the most qualified of magazines to decide which religious texts are “overrated”. Because so many young men do read the magazine however, we’re calling on GQ to pull the Bible from their list of “overrated” books and to let its readers decide for themselves about the importance of the Holy Scriptures instead of deterring people from reading.

Please sign the petition to GQ editor-in-chief here!