THE GRINCH Director Says Faith and Redemption Are At The ‘Core of the Film’

THE GRINCH Director Says Faith and Redemption Are At The ‘Core of the Film’

By Movieguide® Staff

Over the years, many have tried to adapt Dr. Seuss’ iconic holiday tale, ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas.’

However, director Yarrow Cheney wanted to preserve Seuss’ core message of redemption in his movie, THE GRINCH (2018),

“We were really trying to get to what Dr. Seuss had intended… which is this wonderful story about this rotten guy who’s not beyond redemption,” Chaney told Movieguide®’s Dr. Ted Baehr after winning the Movieguide® Award for Best Movie for Families in 2018.

“That was the core of the film, that was the core of the message. It’s a message that means so much to me, you know, and so I think trying to find that and keep that and protect that in this film was a very important thing,” he added.

Other adaptations of Dr. Seuss’ book include HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS (2000) and the original animated version from 1966 with the same name.

Unlike its predecessors, THE GRINCH does not shy away from Christian songs, biblical themes, and the faith, love and redemption that point to Christ during the Christmas season.

Cheney added that they were sure to balance the faith and values with relatable humor to attract audiences from all walks of life.

“As Christians we are so joyful with our faith, and especially around Christmas time,” Chaney said. “[It was important] to have the Grinch’s point of view of, ‘these guys are a little bit overbearing,’ and to make that humorous, but also sincere and showing where he starts out knowing where he’s going.”

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of THE GRINCH reads:

THE GRINCH (2018) is a great movie about the true meaning of Christmas triumphing over alienation and materialism. The movie opens with the people of Whoville full of joy anticipating Christmas, their favorite holiday. After watching from his mountain fortress and buying food in Whoville, the Grinch decides to steal Christmas. He will dress up as Santa Claus, steal a sleigh from his neighbor’s house, and recruit a fat, lovable reindeer named Fred. With help from his dog, Max, the Grinch will visit every home in Whoville to steal the Christmas tree, ornaments and presents.

THE GRINCH is a precious, delightful, superbly made movie. The colorful animation shows incredible imagination. The humor is delightful. The love is heartwarming. It’s well-designed, well-written and well-organized. The movie’s message is that Christmas can triumph over the meanest, most alienated heart. It features loving parents and children, a joyous community of inspired Whos, and a terrific character arc for the Grinch. Plus, it has great Christmas carols focusing on Jesus Christ and His redemptive love. MOVIEGUIDE® fell in love with THE GRINCH (2018). We think you will too.