The “Media” vs. 9/12 D.C. Protest

By George J. Miller

Many of you know that one of the largest protest demonstrations in U.S. history was held in Washington D.C. on September 12, 2009. Or do you? Coordinated by The FreedomWorks Foundation, the nascent Tea Party Patriots and a number of other organizations attracted people from all 50 states, protesting arrogant big government, loss of liberties, excessive spending, higher taxes, gross incompetence, and corruption. They were instead advocating smaller, more responsive government, integrity, lower spending and taxes, more independence, and a return to a constitutional republic, with higher moral standards.

The “news” media not only greatly minimized the size and scope of the event and movement, when those were even mentioned, but also minimized their significance, impact and twisted the message. Example: a CNN piece alluded to participants displaying Nazi symbols, slyly implying that the demonstrators harbored Hitlerian sentiments, whereas they were clearly used to link the current regime to same. Some media also attempted to portray crowds as angry, bitter, dogmatic, even anti-American, and robots of special interests. The varied self-styled agendas of the participants and highly creative, mostly hand-lettered signs, were hardly the work of a “machine.” Their actual behavior was supercharged, buoyant, even joyous, channeling positive outrage and a desire to see things righted. Flags, patriotic signs and songs were ubiquitous. If their impact is minimal, how come the Tea Parties and Town Halls have helped to stall ObamaCare? The kind of people willing to haul across the country, spend their own time and money and work together for their brand of “change” are also those that have disproportionate influence on many other people.

Crowd size estimates ranged from “thousands” (AP headline) to “two to three million” (zealots). Knowledgeable people who are not overly biased either way are bandying about figures ranging from 500,000 to 1,200,000. There were many more stuck in traffic that never arrived. When one includes participants at hundreds of other events held around the nation that same day, the total increases considerably. Some say that one active person demonstrating on the street means that there are up to 100 with similar views back at home or work.

There is a recurring pattern of the predominantly Liberal mass-media attempting to decide for us just what is news and slanting the coverage, content, column inches, footage, timing and placement, to support their own agenda and script, rather than reporting the news objectively and dispassionately. Many outlets have lost their utility and credibility, in the eyes of large segments of the public.

MOVIEGUIDE® recommends a return to general public-suitable movies, with Christian values, as not only better for our culture, but has also proven statistically that it is better for the “industry bottom line.” We recommend the same for newspapers and broadcast mass-media, which are plummeting in ratings, not just because of the Internet and gross mismanagement, but from the public’s growing perception of extreme bias and “voting with their feet.” Why are The Wall St. Journal, The New York Post, Fox News, and most talk radio outlets breaking all records, while the bulk of mass media are going bankrupt, while losing audiences en masse? Think about it.

About the Author: Mr. Miller is an investor and “semi-retired” management consultant, residing in Ventura County, CA, with Carol, his wife of 31 years. Events of the past few years have impelled him to become more involved in public affairs.

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