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The Sweet Family Reason Ron Howard Would Return to Acting

Photo courtesy of Ron Howard via Twitter

The Sweet Family Reason Ron Howard Would Return to Acting

By Movieguide® Staff

Sheriff Andy Taylor shared a lot of touching moments with his son, teaching his boy about virtues, important life lessons, and relationships. And often, he himself would learn something along the way too.

Little Ronny Howard played the sheriff’s son Opie Taylor, who strolled into the office to make the occasional although unintended sassy remark to Deputy Barney Fife on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. Howard’s younger brother, Clint, also appeared on the show in brief scenes as a quiet character named Leon.

As the two brothers’ careers in entertainment both began to bloom, Ron turned more so to directing, and Clint had the opportunity to take supporting roles in many of his brother’s productions.

Along the way, Ron continued acting in TV shows and even made it into a few major motion pictures and TV movies.

He had important roles to play in classic movies like George Lucas’s AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973) and John Wayne’s final film, THE SHOOTIST (1976).

Although he turned his attention predominantly to directing in the years since the 1986 TV movie RETURN TO MAYBERRY, Howard recently told Fox News that he remains open to the prospect of acting in the future. It would simply have to be the right fit.

While he’s not actively pursuing an acting gig for the time being, due to the myriad commitments he has in directing other projects, Howard suggested a scenario that would likely pique his interest.

He proposed that if his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard “called me up and said, ‘Dad, I’m directing this film and I want you to play a part,’ that’s something I would probably move my schedule around for.”

“That would be the quickest way to do it,” the Oscar-winning director said.

His daughter Bryce has likewise made a name for herself, not least of all by starring alongside Chris Pratt in the JURASSIC WORLD movies.

Ron directed the origin story for Harrison Ford’s Han Solo in the 2018 feature SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, which starred Alden Ehrenreich in the younger titular role. Bryce went on to make her mark on the STAR WARS franchise too, directing several episodes for the Disney Plus series THE MANDALORIAN.

Several of his movies were nominated for Movieguide® Awards, including CINDERELLA MAN, A BEAUTIFUL MIND and APOLLO 13. Furthermore, Ron also secured a deal for two movies with a Hollywood Without Losing Your Soul Master Class student. 

Over the past few decades, amid his stellar directorial career, Ron admitted that peers in the industry have approached him, querying whether he could play various supporting roles. While he often turned these down, he noticed that a number of the actors who filled the roles were later nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

“Some interesting filmmakers have thought that it might be a good idea to try to get me in front of the camera again, which is very, very flattering,” Ron told Fox.

He went on:

But between all that Brian [Grazer] and I are doing with Imagine Entertainment and the work that I’m doing in both scripted and documentary filmmaking now has just got me incredibly busy.

Meanwhile, Clint continues acting. He is set to appear in THE OLD WAY(2022) alongside Nicolas Cage, making it the latter’s first time to play a character in a Western.

The Howard brothers remain close to this day. Earlier this month, the book they co-authored together, The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family, was published.