TV Medical Dramas Donating Props to Local Hospitals to Combat Shortages

Screenshot courtesy of Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Trailer via Youtube

TV Medical Dramas Donating Props to Local Hospitals to Combat Shortages

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

As production is halted for television series, many TV medical dramas are donating their props to help keep medical professionals protected while treating COVID-19.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, GREY’S ANATOMY, THE GOOD DOCTOR, THE RESIDENT, NEW AMSTERDAM, and STATION 19 are all giving their surplus medical supplies from set to hospitals in need.

“At Station 19 we were lucky enough to have about 300 of the coveted N95 masks which we donated to our local fire station — they were tremendously grateful,” said the shows executive producer Krista Vernoff. These masks went to fire departments in Loz Feliz, California and Ontario, California.

Vernoff also works on GREY’S ANATOMY and said the show donated “backstock gowns and gloves” to local L.A. hospitals.

THE RESIDENT, filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, donated supplies to Grady Memorial Hospital in the Atlanta area.

Showrunner Amy Holden Jones told the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s pretty appalling to think that our doctors and nurses at hospitals don’t have the proper protection — they’re facing these patients who are highly contagious without being protected.”

Production manager David Hartley filled two car trunks full of the show’s gloves, gowns, masks, caps, shoe covers, scrubs, hair covers, lab coats and isolation gowns.

David Schulner, showrunner on NBC’s NEW AMSTERDAM, said the show donated “everything to Bellevue Hospital in NYC.”

The series is shot at the Bellevue Hospital where they donated supplies.

Finally, THE GOOD DOCTOR, based in Vancouver, send all the medical supplies they had in stock to the local provincial Canadian government to distribute.

Vernoff said, “We are all overwhelmed with gratitude for our healthcare workers during this incredibly difficult time. In addition to these donations, we are doing our part to help them by staying home.”

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