UN Climate Summit Turns into Anti-Capitalist Communist Rally

The UN’s recent “climate change” summit in Copenhagen, Denmark turned into an anti-capitalist, communist rally when the international delegates gave Communist dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela a thunderous standing ovation there on Dec. 16.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, promised $100 billion a year in taxpayer money by 2020 for left-wing dictators in the “developing” world like Chavez, allegedly so they can upgrade their technology to cut CO2 emissions that, allegedly, cause “global warming”!

Clinton’s strange promise came in the wake of reports, which now have been confirmed, that dozens of scientists affiliated with the UN’s climate change panel have been distorting their “climate change” data and reports.

God must have a sense of humor about all this, because, in the wake of the two speeches by Chavez and Clinton, He dumped four centimeters of snow on the Danish capital.

– Sources: The Drudge Report and E. Calvin Beisner, The Cornwall Alliance, 12/17/09.

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