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Win a THERE BE DRAGONS DVD for free!  Just test your trivia knowledge and you can be a winner.  THERE BE DRAGONS is now out on DVD from director Roland Joffe.



THERE BE DRAGONS is a historical drama about Josemaria Escrivá, founder of the Catholic laypeople’s organization, Opus Dei, or God’s Work. THERE BE DRAGONS is a powerful movie that gives a moving insight into the life of an important Christian servant, but brief foul language, wartime violence and other mature themes warrant a caution for younger teenagers.


You can read the Movieguide® review HERE.


Roland Joffe wrote and directed the movie based upon the historical story.  Joffee is known for his other movies, THE MISSION with Robert De Niro and THE KILLING FIELDS.  He said that THERE BE DRAGONS is “a story about people trying to find meaning about their lives.”


The movie did not fare very well in the theaters but contains a positive message and is hoping to find its audience on DVD.  The movie deals with a Catholic organization which many might not know about and so we have created three simple trivia questions around that organization.


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