YELLOWSTONE and BLUE BLOODS Reruns to Air on CBS Fall Line-Up

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By Movieguide® Contributor

CBS just released an unexpected line-up for the fall. The new schedule includes CBS’s BLUE BLOODS, Paramount’s YELLOWSTONE, and some reality TV shows.

“CBS on Monday announced a fall schedule heavy on reality TV and game shows, on which writers generally are non-union; reruns of cable, streaming and overseas series making their American broadcast debuts; and fan-favorite reruns of BLUE BLOODS,” Newsday reporter Frank Lovece writes.

This sudden schedule change happened as a result of the current Hollywood strikes that involve the SAG-AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and WGA (Writers Guild of America) unions.

Movieguide® recently reported on the impact from the Hollywood strikes:

The industry has already been suffering from the WGA strike that has been ongoing since the beginning of May. Production on most scripted shows and movies have been delayed until the WGA members come back to work. Now, as 160,000 actors and other performers join the strike, the only projects that can still be worked on are those in the post-production phase.

Viewers have already started to feel the effects of the strike as late-night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have been off air since the writers’ strike began. However, as the strikes extend, the effects will become more widespread. The upcoming fall season could be void of new episodes on scripted shows including ABBOT ELEMENTARY, LAW AND ORDER: SVU and NCIS.

CBS is owned by Paramount Global. With the selection of Paramount’s YELLOWSTONE, CBS followed in the footsteps of ABC, which borrowed MS. MARVEL from its sister network, Disney+.

“The hit series from Paramount will join the U.K. series Ghosts (which CBS also has a series based on), SEAL Team, and ‘curated’ episodes of the police procedural drama Blue Bloods,” Anthony Nash, writer for ComingSoon, reported.

Variety’s Joe Otterson said, “When CBS originally released their fall schedule back in May, the broadcaster planned on having most of their scripted programming back. But that schedule was released about one week into the writers’ strike. Now, with SAG-AFTRA joining the writers on the picket lines and no end to either strike in sight, CBS is adding a large amount of acquired programming and unscripted shows.”

“The industry will suffer as long as these strikes are occurring,” Movieguide® said previously. “Every sector in the industry is impacted by the actor and writer strikes which have completely stopped production. Hopefully the strikes will be resolved soon, otherwise the industry will face the affects for years to come.”

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