Erwin Brothers Announce New Movie to Film in Oklahoma

Photo from Jon Erwin’s Instagram

Erwin Brothers Announce New Movie to Film in Oklahoma

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Christian filmmakers Jon and Andrew Erwin announced that they started casting their upcoming movie called THE UNBREAKABLE BOY. 

THE UNBREAKABLE BOY follows the true story of Iowan Austin LeRette, whose father, Scott, chronicled his son’s struggles and faith in the book “The Unbreakable Boy.” 

According to the casting notice, the movie adaptation centers on a teenager with autism who also lives with a rare brittle bone disease.

The notice also said the story is “told in the charmingly unpredictable voice” of the boy and calls the movie “a funny and inspiring true story of a young couple stumbling through parenthood, who find constant inspiration from the joy and optimism of their spectacularly unique son.”

The movie begins production later this month in Oklahoma City, with the Erwin Brothers producing through their Kingdom Story company. The faith-based company is engaged in a long-term partnership with Lionsgate to provide “event-level entertainment for audiences of faith.”

The Erwin brothers, alongside producers Jerilyn Esquibel, Kevin Downes, and Peter Facinelli, are joined by writer and director Jon Gunn, who previously worked on this year’s inspirational faith-based movie I STILL BELIEVE. Gunn also directed THE CASE FOR CHRIST.

THE UNBREAKABLE BOY is not the only film that the Erwins slated to film in Oklahoma in the coming months. 

Movieguide® previously reported on the Erwin brothers plan to make the AMERICAN UNDERDOG: THE KURT WARNER STORY starring Zachary Levi under their Kingdom Story Company:

The Erwin’s production company, will head the new movie about the Super Bowl MVP and Hall of Fame football player Kurt Warner.

The movie will tell the story of Warner’s life and how he went from working in a supermarket to legendary NFL quarterback.

However, they aren’t undertaking the project all on their own. They will direct and write the biopic with FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS writer David Aaron Cohen.

Kingdom Story’s Kevin Downes, who has worked with the brothers on the upcoming I STILL BELIEVE, as well as I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, will join the project as a producer. The two-time NFL MVP and his wife Brenda Warner are also set to co-produce the movie.

The Oklahoma Film + Music Office Director Tava Maloy Sofsky said: “We actually landed AMERICAN UNDERDOG because of COVID. The Erwin Brothers were already prepping in another state that shut down … and they felt really comfortable and just kind of reevaluated like, ‘We know everybody in Oklahoma. We loved making I CAN ONLY IMAGINE there. Let’s take this there.'”

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE earned $83 million domestically on a $7 million budget and became the fifth-highest-grossing musical biopic of all time.

The Erwin Brothers are outstanding directors for faith-based content. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE won the Epiphany Prize® for Inspiring Movies at the 2019 Movieguide® Awards.

“Ushering the Erwin Brothers … home to our great state for their next two features with Lionsgate is testament to great storytellers, visionaries and businesses seeing value and opportunity in our land and our people,” Sofsky said. “After such a magical experience working with them on the box office hit, “I Can Only Imagine,” we could not be more proud to welcome their entire team back to Oklahoma to make this funny and inspiring movie, ‘The Unbreakable Boy.'”