The Kendrick Brothers Discuss Their Ministry: ‘It Is So Important To Stay Humble Before The Lord’

Photo via Alex Kendrick’s Instagram

The Kendrick Brothers Discuss Their Ministry: ‘It Is So Important To Stay Humble Before The Lord’

By Movieguide® Staff

Directors Alex and Stephen Kendrick recently sat down with actor Kirk Cameron on TAKEAWAYS and discussed their approach to creativity and service to the Lord.

The Kendrick Brothers are known for faith-based box office hits such as COURAGEOUS, FIREPROOF, and most recently, a documentary called SHOW ME THE FATHER.

The duo encouraged young believers who want a platform to be creative, first to serve the Lord.

“First, pray and say, ‘Lord, here I am,'” Stephen told Cameron. “I’m gonna do Romans 12:1-2. Take my body, I’m presenting it as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto you. He says when we do that and we quit following the world he’ll start revealing his good, pleasing and perfect will for our lives.”

“Secondly, I would serve,” he continued. “Every time Jesus would step into a context, in a situation, Philippians 2 says he took upon himself the form of a servant. So he would step in: they’re ignorant, he’s teaching. They’re hungry, he’s feeding. They’re hurting, he’s comforting. They’re sick, he’s healing. Where in every situation he’s stepping in as being the hands and feet of God demonstrating the love of God in each context and that’s what he’s called us to do.”

Stephen added that all believers are called to serve Christ and the people around them when they become a believer.

“He’s called each of us to step into a context saying, ‘My life is not my own anymore. I’ve been crucified with Christ, dead with Christ, raised with Christ, I am here now to serve the Lord and to serve other people,'” he explained. “It is in that context when you’re surrendered and you’re serving that the lord will use your creativity to meet needs and he’ll begin to bless you and bear fruit that’s beyond something you could have done on your own.”

“When you’re serving you’re in a humble position instead of just seeking the platform, seeking the limelight, feeding your ego,” Alex added. “We would say if you’re just trying to get a platform in the limelight your motives are wrong. God can skill you to take the platform and do it very effectively but what draws people to other people is when they’re confident in who they are but they’re humble in the process.”

Stephen and Alex said the most crucial aspect of their ministry as movie directors, husbands, and fathers was their love for Christ.

“Walk with the Lord,” Stephen answered. “Love him, be loved by him, abide in Christ, as Jesus said in John 15, that’s number one. All the fruit bearing, everything else we want to do in life is going to flow out of that.”

Alex also offered advice to aspiring filmmakers and encouraged them to keep Christ as their focus.

“When young people come to us and say, ‘I want a platform, I want to make my own movies’ or whatever, we always ask, ‘why? What’s driving you to do that?’ ‘Well I want to win an award, I want to be the next Steven Spielberg,” he explained. “From a worldly perspective that may sound good, but if you’re a believer and you’re trying to honor God, why would God trust you with that if it’s all about you?”

“We always ask, ‘Can God trust you with what you’re seeking? Because he wants to trust those that will honor him. He wants to trust those with a lot of fruitfulness that will be faithful,” he continued. “It is so important to stay humble before the Lord and that’s when he wants to put his fingerprints all over your projects.”

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